2019's Top Penis Extenders(UPDATED)

The Best Penis Extenders You Can Use For Enlargement !!!

Reviews for Penis Extenders

Nowadays, Penis Extenders start to gain popularity among men as one of the most reliable methods for penis enlargement. The Penis Extenders are based on the principle of constant thrust which resulting in a longer penis. They have also been proven scientifically to permanently lengthen your penis and also make it thicker in girth.

Read our reviews to avoid buying an unreliable Penis Extender

There are a lot of Penis Extenders being sold on the market, but sadly not all of them have the quality and results that we want. With the Penis Extenders being more and more popular, a lot of companies are also starting to produce their own penis extenders with cheap prices, cheaper than the other good, reliable penis extenders with good quality. Most of these cheap penis extenders are made in the third world countries. The most common problems reported by people who have used these unreliable penis extenders are rusting and the fragile parts.

Expensive, unfortunately, doesn’t always mean that the product you get is real. There are also a lot of expensive and fake products being sold on the market. It is very important to use sites that are trusted to assure you that you’re buying the real deal,Sizegenetics is one of the examples.

So How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Traction devices use the basic principle of human body adapting to external pressures. For example, people build big muscles by lifting weights, or an athlete’s lungs and heart may be able to take much more effort than ours.

Penis Extenders also use the same basic principle. Constant tractions that are applied along the length of your penis will make this device to help your penis grows. Your body then will adapt and adjust to this new situation and bring new and bulky tissue cells. These cells will increase both the length and girth of your penis.

Orthopedic surgeries usually use this principle to lengthen fingers and also legs. This principle of traction also used to cover the defects of facial tissues. It has been used for centuries to enlarge and lengthen different body parts. Such as in Burma, where it lengthens a woman’s neck, or in Africa where they attach some weights on lips, ears, or other body parts for elongation.

This penis extender is very easy and simple for you to use. There is a plastic ringto be attached to the bottom of your penis, and there is also a flexible silicone ring that should be attached to the penis head. There are two adjustable bars that can be adjusted to change the tension on your penis from 1,5 to 3,5 kg. It is suitable for every size of penis and the most important thing is it does not hurt.

You can wear the penis extender as often as you want and as many hours as you want. The recommendation is from 2 to 8 hours a day. The most important thing is the total time you wear the device. The results are permanent, so once you reach the size that you want, you do not have to wear the device anymore and still be able to maintain the results.

The longer you wear the traction device, you will also increase the length and girth of your penis. Team doctors found the biggest result in increasing penis size within only the first 8 weeks after the program, where the penis is increased by about 13 percent. During the next eight weeks, the average growth rate is about 6 percent. So from the beginning of the program the total increase you get is about 19 percent.

An increase of 24 percent is marked by the doctors in the end of the fifth month. It keeps getting better though! Within the six months into the program, an increase of more than 29 percent is found by the doctors. This is almost three times bigger and longer than the original size. Imagine the size of your penis 29 percent bigger and longer. Six months may seem like a long period of time, but I promise your patience will be paid off in the end with the amazing results you get.

The best thing about the penis extender is the fact that the length and girth gained in your penis will not decrease or disappear in time. So whenever you have reached the size that you want, you are free to stop using the device and the results will keep staying with you forever. Penis extender has also been proved in successfully straightening a curved penis. So no more embarrassing moments for you, whose penis is curved, by using this penis traction device.


Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) For Length Gains

We are going to review the best penis extenders available on the market and make it easier for you to decide which the best is for yourself and which suits you and your needs the most. Most of penis extenders are quite similar, it is only when you wear the penis extender where you can see the uniqueness and innovation of each brands, so that is why we are going to take a closer look at these leading penis enlargement devices and give you some brief overviews of each of them.

The most important things that matter the most in penis extenders are comfort, safety, quality, bonuses and of course, performance. These factors are the ones who have substantial impacts on increasing penis size. Other things that are important are: value, customer service, warranty, privacy and shipping. These things truly demonstrate the professionalism and willingness of the companies to earn your business. We have chosen the most important factors for you to look at and help your decision on which penis extender to purchase.

#1 SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Product Info: SizeGenetics™ Penis Extender has probably the best system among other penis extenders. The system the uses combines the highest quality possible in a device and also manual exercises into one program. SizeGenetics™ Penis Extender incorporates the most up to date technology available. The best, most amazing results are shown by the clients of SizeGenetics™ Penis Extender. Get your own pack of SizeGenetics™ Penis Extender today and get your own best results too!

#2 Jes Extender

Product Info: The Jes Extender is one of the most popular male enhancement devices of all time. Jes Extender helps men grow by the average of 28 percent. Jes Extender has been tested extensively by the highly qualified doctors and surgeons in a clinical setting. Jes Extender also carries the European CE mark which is only awarded to the products that meet the strict standards of European Union and this product has also been classified as a type 1 medical device. So you do not have to worry to put your safety at risk anymore, this product has a high quality and it is also effective.

#3 MaleEdge Penis Extender

Product Info: MaleEdge Penis Extender Comfortable, affordable and recommended by doctors, the MaleEdge penis extender is the number one product for men looking to add inches to their penis.


We consider these top 3 penis extenders to be the best devices in the industry. Those penis extenders come with CE approval and medical grade 1 pass.