Hairdresser & Cosmetologist

Career Details...

  • Hairdressers and cosmetologist provide people with there work in either hair from cutting to dying and styling as well as makeup with the beauty services they might provide.
  • The typical schedule of a hairdresser and a cosmetologist all depends on how much time they are willing to spend on there work and their clients.
  • Many work in salons and spas but also can be self employed.
  • Typically get paid 10.82 per hour and make about $22,500 or depending on how much business you make and charge if you're self employed.


You don't necessarily need to have a diploma but should have some college background in the field.


Be able to listen to other people and what they are saying by asking questions and not interrupting and being inappropiate. as well as looking at different ways that you can help people and how to serve them. Judgement and decision making figuring out how what can be the potential cost or loss due to a decision made and considering what will be some of the benefits as well as the losses.

Job Outlook and Growth

Between the years of 2012 and 2020 it is estimated that the growth of being a cosmetologist hairdresser and or barber 14% about the same as the average.

Advance Opportunities and Related Jobs

If dealing with hair or makeup isn't your cup of tea but still have interest in the field you might try taking into consideration other positions or similar jobs such as...

  • skin care specialist
  • manicurist and pedicurist
  • barber
  • floral designer
  • bartender
  • shampooer
  • cashier at salon

Schools that provide this education.

Everest College

1101 W. North Avenue, Suite 1
1 (888) 719-9497

Regency Beauty

3106 W. North Avenue, Stone Park

1(800) 787-6456

London Eyes

10600 W Higgins Rd, Rosemont, IL
1(847) 827-7220