5 Non Traditional Career Myths

By: Dean Benfield

Women in clerical jobs make more than trade workers

  • There is money to be made in both.
  • Being happy in you job will increase your chances of making more money
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Men are not nurturing enough to work with small children

  • This myth is leftover from days when women stayed home to raise children and men went to work.
  • Nurturing is more of a matter of personality, not gender.
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Women are not strong enough for trade or construction

  • Veteran women construction workers say the job is hard, not so much physical.
  • Lack of strength is NOT a factor in job performance.
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Men who work in nontraditional careers are not masculine

  • Women who work in nontraditional careers are not feminine.
  • Pursue careers based on interests, skills, and satisfaction.
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Females do not have strong aptitude for math and science

  • Men still outnumber women in STEM careers.
  • Women still face challenges in this area.
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Knowledge is power