Autism Toilet Paper

Here to Help You Clean Up the Messes

The Hidden Curriculum

When a male enters the bathroom which urinal does he select? When a second male enters which does he select? Men know the answer! Two female friends are whispering about a fight with a lover. You know not to join in that conversation, but how?! When filling out a job application Sex is gender (not M for Many times, F for Forget it). And "In Case of Emergency" is not 911. No one taught me these but I know! This is the Hidden Curriculum, social rules which everyone knows, uses and expects, but were never taught.

Common Sense is more than a Feeling

The hidden curriculum has different rules based on age, gender, environment, work place, social, cultural and varies throughout one's lifespan. The brain of someone with autism isn't wired to automatically pick up this information so they will not figure it out as they get older. They learn when they hear phrases like "Don't you know that?" "You shouldn't do that." "Isn't that obvious." they have committed a social sin. It seems funny and TV capitalizes on the humor with shows like The Big Bang Theory, but these mistakes can be detrimental, and sometimes criminal.

Columbus Public Schools Autism Spectrum Disorders Team

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) , the Teachers Who Educate Them and Their Families