Howard Happenings

April 11, 2016


Accelerated Reader Tally

Baker Nash - 5, 094, 082 Words Read

Markus - 2, 278, 228 Words Read

Eckley - 2, 067, 288 Words Read

Sherren - 1, 757, 965 Words Read

Chapple/Marston - 259, 208 Words Read

Hill- 55, 241 Words Read

Zielinski - 8, 052 Words Read

Upper-Grade Students 250,000+ Club

  1. Angel Coleman - 822, 417 (Baker Nash)
  2. Jeremiah Williams - 661, 065 (Baker Nash)
  3. Nevaeh Wilson - 431, 983 (Baker Nash)
  4. Xavier Moreno- 421, 666 (Baker Nash)
  5. Kassandra Nunez-Lopez - 382, 847 (Baker Nash)
  6. Isaiah West- 308, 836 (Markus)
  7. West Katoa - 296, 228 (Baker Nash)
  8. Alex Vidaca - 287, 881 (Markus)
  9. Christian Stewart - 287, 592 (Baker Nash)
  10. Ishmael Solwazi - 269, 141 (Eckley)
  11. Jailyah Johnson - 264, 758 (Baker Nash)

Primary Students 25,000+ Club

  1. David Castaneda- 82, 511 (Chapple)
  2. Alexis Musselwhite- 60, 176 (Chapple)
  3. Allen Owens- 40, 410 (Chapple)

Shout Outs

Ms. Gross for feeding us at the PTO/SSC Meeting.

Mr. Sherren for updating the Marquee for Science Night, for all the conversations you have with students to help them, and for the donuts.

Ms. Diane for saving carrots for the compost and donating them for the snails and worms.

Ms. Monica, Ms. Diane, and Ms. Grace for using the Chromebooks with your class this week!

Ms. Hill for having a tower building contest with your students this week and getting some great photos.

Ms. Zielinski for getting students onto Study Dog this week.

Mrs. Shepherd for coming in Friday!

Everyone who has helped keep the teacher work room clean and organized.

Mr Gray for everything you do for our students.

Please let me know if you have a shout out you would like to see in our Howard


Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Hill

Upper Yard-Eckley

Important Reminders

  • Please continue to email any tech issues to Ms. Brown, so they can be resolved as soon as possible.
  • The primary gate off the parking lot will be locked from 8:30 to 2:40 please have students access the yard either through the building or through the courtyard between the two buildings.
  • To ensure student safety, it is important that all staff report to yard duty on time.

Week at a Glance


Staff Meeting 3 to 4


Cost Meeting 11 to 12


Ms Brown Off Site

Minimum Day

Staff PD 2 to 3:30


PBIS Observation

Williams Off Site Principal PD

Farmers Market 12 to 5:30


Important Upcoming Dates

FC Meeting 4/18

District LCAP Meeting 4/20

Family Science Night 4/21

Odds and Ends

  • Web resources (go noodle, class dojo, etc) can be found here.
  • All Howard documents can be found here.
  • PD Agendas can be found here
  • Please sign up for Chromebook carts using the Chromebook sign out calendar

Clerical Corner

  • Please submit attendance by 10:30 am daily
  • Personal leave days must be requested 3 days in advance by completing a B form and submitting to Mrs Ratcliff.
  • Incident reports should be filled out and submitted to the office for all head and major injuries (Incident reports do not go home).
  • Ouch reports should be filled out and sent home for all minor injuries.
  • Sign in and out daily with arrival and departure times.
  • All independent study requests must be referred to Mrs Gross.