Study of human society and how people act within it.

Job Duties

  • prepare publication and reports containing research findings
  • gather data to increase understanding of human social behavior
  • plan and conduct research to develop and test theories about social issues (crime, poverty, etc.)
  • gather data about behavior, attitude, and values of people in groups using observation, interviews, and review of documents
  • study groups of people

Average Salary

The average starting salary of a sociologist major would be $45,830/year.

Helpful Skills

  • communication
  • interpersonal
  • leadership
  • analytical
  • research and design
  • computer literacy
  • cross-cultural understanding
  • business sense

Why A Background in Psychology Can Be Helpful

Psychology studies the activities of the individual and a group is formed from several individuals. Than sociology studies the group behavior and its influence on individual behavior. Knowledge of the individual behavior helps to understand the group behavior. The aim of psychology is to understand the men's mind and for sociology its to study the society as a whole. Therefore having a background of psychology can help learn about more about the group of people involved.