Gifted Students

How Can I Help Them Achieve Their Full Potential?

Time and Place to be announced

Come learn more about the Longview School District's Highly Capable Program. You will have the chance to meet some of the students involved, see samples of their accomplishments, and learn what it means to be highly capable. In addition, you will be able to listen to speakers who will provide information on the district program and ways to get involved.

Guaranteed to be informative and fun.

Myths and Facts About Gifted Students


  • gifted students can take care of their own learning
  • gifted students are always A students
  • all students are gifted
  • highly capable programs are elitist and do not belong in modern day schools
  • gifted students cannot have a disability


  • gifted students need special/differentiated instruction just as any other student with special needs
  • gifted students are not always high-achieving
  • while all students have strengths, gifted students are those who have an advanced capacity to learn and apply what has been learned
  • gifted students are found in all socioeconomic groups, all cultures, and all races, but are often under-served due to lack of identification and programming
  • gifted students sometimes have disabilities and are considered twice-exceptional

Attend this fun and informational event to learn more!