Made from the Greek word 'chloros', meaning greenish yellow

Physical facts

Melting point: -150.7 degrees Fahrenheit

Boiling point: -29.27 degrees Fahrenheit

Density: .002898

Abundance in the earths crust: .017%

State of element: gas

Chlorine is found combined with other elements mainly sodium in the form of common salt.

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Protons- 17

Electrons- 17

Nuetrons- 18

Atomic number- 17

Atomic mass- 35

Symbol- Cl

Group number- 17

Period number- 3

Group- Halogen


- used as a anti septic

- make drinking water safe to consume

- treat swimming pools


1) due to its toxic properties, Chlorine was used in World War 1.

2) it is the second most abundant halogen, and the second most lightest halogen on Earth.

3) when isolated as a free element, it takes form of a greenish- yellow gas.

Discovered by: Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Discovered in: 1774

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