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April 2021

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NACAC College Admission Update

NACAC COLLEGE ADMISSION STATUS UPDATE NACAC has developed a tool that has served as a gathering place for updates from colleges about how they are adapting to the impact of the ongoing pandemic. Many colleges are changing and updating policies around school visits, standardized testing, deadlines for replying to offers and submitting enrollment deposits, and sharing other ways to get in contact and engage with colleges in the COVID era.

Appealing a Financial Aid Award

How to Appeal a Financial Aid Award

If students feel the financial aid award they received from their first choice school isn't enough to make things possible to attend, I put together a guide with financial aid expert Jodi Okun on the why and how of writing an effective financial aid appeal letter. Check out our podcast together if you're podcast-inclined.


What is a Merit Scholarship vs. a Financial Scholarship


A Merit Scholarship is a form of college financial aid that does not consider a student's financial need, but rather is awarded based on academic, athletic, artistic or special-interest merit. On the other hand, Financial Aid awards are mainly based on your family's income.

Information on Pell Grant

Information on MAP Grant

DGS Scholarships


Students can access additional information about scholarship platforms on the following link:

Scholarship Information

*These scholarships are generally more competitive than the local scholarships in which Ms. Lichaj sends out.

Do you need help writing essays?

Prompt is an essay writing support service hosting FREE bootcamps for feedback and essay support. For families that are interested in getting started earlier or delving deeper into the essay process, you can sign up for a FREE 15-minute planning session with a Prompt Coach. Families can pay for individual help per draft or by package (at reduced rates or free for lower-income families). You can always email your counselor or a teacher for help too!


Yay!! You have made a decision on college. Now here is a link to help guide you on how to do the enrollment process.

How to enroll in college