Types of Mining and Fracking

Mining and Fracking

-Surface Mining

Surface mining also includes strip mining, open-pit mining and mountain top removal. This is when soil and the rock covering the mineral deposits are removed.

Strip MIning

This is the clearing of vegetation and and soil along with drilling and blasting.
Strip Mining for Coal


  • Searching for minerals other than coal.
  • Surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth.
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Mountain Top removal

  • This is a new type of coal mining.
  • Occurs in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee
  • Removing the tip of the mountain to find coal.
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-Subsurface Mining

This is the extraction of rocks and minerals from inside earth. This occurs by the making of shafts built into the earth.
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Slope Mining

  • Method of accessing valuable geological material, such as coal or ore.
  • Slope mined differ from shaft and drift mines.