Albion Elementary

Staff that #gobeyond

Do you Model GRIT!


courage and resolve; strength of character.

"he displayed the true grit of the navy pilot"

synonyms:courage, bravery, pluck, mettle, backbone, spirit, strength of character, strength of will, moral fiber, steel, nerve, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance

This year is tough, new.............................. well new everything.

GRIT! I love grit, I love how grit is that intangible character trait take makes people a success, when on paper everything is seemingly is stacked against them. At times, and more frequently lately, it feels like we are those people with everything stacked against them. What better opportunity do we have to model what we so desperately want for our students. Every day I see you demonstrating Grit. New schedules, curriculum, and new expectations will only translate to success through your Grit. Try, fail, and try again. Believe you will find success and never lose sight of that goal. Find your Grit and pass that on to your students! #gobeyond #cnproud #neverstopstopping #weare1

Inspirational movie about the meaning of "Grit"

Next Weeks Meetings

Monday August 28 @ 7:45 2nd and 3rd in Homan's Room

Tuesday August 29 @ 7:45 4th and 4th in Todd's Room

Wednesday August 30 @ 7:45 Staff Picture

Thursday August 31 @ 7:45 Seesaw led by Mrs. Yates

Upcoming Events

  • August 28 Rise-n-Roll Donut Fundraiser Kickoff (Sell 10 Dozen= Albion Elem T-Shirt) 2:50 in the Cafeteria we will dismiss from there
  • August 30 Picture Day
  • August 30 Six String Soldiers Music Program
  • September 1 Maker Space Materials Due (Take to the Maker Space)
  • September 4 Labor Day
  • September 5 Section 125 for All Staff
  • September 6 Maker Space Special Starts (Where to Be Determined)
  • September 8 Valic Meetings Optional For Old Staff Mandatory for New Staff
  • September 13 Rise-n-Roll Orders Due
  • September 20 Parent Teacher Conf/E-Learning Day
  • October 4 Donut Pickup At Albion Elem
  • October 4 National Taco Day Fun! Dragons Love Tacos Day