Miss Colsten's Weekly Newsletter

October 14th, 2016

Important Dates

  • October 12-19: Parent/Teacher Conferences (times vary)
  • Wednesday, October 19th- 50th day of School! (see below )
  • October 20th & October 21st – No school, Fall Break
  • October 31 Field Trip to Holliday Park
  • November 11th: Family Math Night at TCE

50th Day of School

Wednesday will be our 50th day of school and to celebrate, we thought we'd do a major throwback to the 50's! We'll have a little sock-hop in our classroom and have fun with a couple other activities.

IF your child would like to dress up, we'd love it! All Kindergarten teachers will be dressed from that era and we would love our friends to join us! Think the movie Grease for some inspiration... get creative and use things around the house!


Just a little flashback to our apple days last week, here we got to try our homemade applesauce. Most kiddos liked it, others not so much! But I was proud of everyone for trying it.
Cheers to Applesauce!

This week and last...

Whew...it's been a busy two weeks!

We loved learning about all things bat this week, it's where we've tied in our Reading, Writing, and Math. We've been graphing about what bats eat, whether we think they're creepy or cute. We've been writing and reading about bats, deciphering between fictional bat books and non-fiction. We've loved learning about the smallest bat (just the size of your thumb) and that some bats actually do eat/drink blood! Ask your child how though...

Last week we learned all about apples and Johnny Appleseed! We even had our 3rd grade buddies from Mrs. Cline's room come and help with our apple investigations. We also got to taste test and see which apple we liked the best. Green, yellow, or red? Most students voted for yellow! We also experimented with an apple, learning that when dropped...teeny-tiny cells explode, releasing oxygen. This causes the discoloring or bruises. This led to the discussion of what is oxygen anyways? Love all their questions and inquiring minds!

Sight words: this, big

Behind the scenes when making our Seesaw videos!

Behind the scenes of SeeSaw...

Morning Exercise