K-2 Wing Newsletter

Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2015

Shout Outs

This week's shout outs go to......

1st Grade Team: For using the Reading Street Weekly Assessments. Way to work smarter!

Ms. Robinson & Ms. A. Brown: For using Scan Tron sheets with their classes for the S.S. Common Assessment. Way to work smarter!

Ms. Hendricks: For a great Moral Focus presentation. Thanks for teaching the kids how to whip and nae nae using the word, conscience.

Interim Assessments

NHA interim assessments for reading and math have arrived! We are working on unpacking the materials and getting them to you. The test window is October 5-8. We may begin the one on one interview portion this week (Sept. 28-Oct. 2). A schedule is being created to assist with this process; however, you will be completing the majority of the testing on your own. Please plan activities in which your scholars will be actively and independently engaged in order for you to pull scholars to assess one at a time. The goal is to assess 3-4 scholars a day (kindergarten & first grade) and 4-5 scholars a day (second grade). The tests will be administered using the NHA bubble sheets. I am working on getting the bubble sheets printed for you as well. These will be scanned into the system to be graded and the data will be uploaded instantly for you to use.


We have been in school for 7 weeks now. Many of you have expressed concerns about some of your scholars' academic and/or behavioral progress. Any scholars who have been low performing or having behavioral difficulties can begin to be referred to SST. You should have 5-6 weeks worth of documentation (work samples, test scores, NWEA scores, weekly quizzes, behavior logs, communication with parents etc.) before taking a student to the team. When you have a scheduled SST meeting, please be sure to complete the packet and have the above documentation with you along with strategies you have been implementing and the data to show whether or not the strategies have worked. Be sure you have conferenced with the parent at least once with your concerns. This meeting should not be the first time a parent is hearing about their scholar's struggles in school.

If you have any scholars who have been retained, please be sure you have been collecting data and let me know so a meeting can be scheduled. The meetings are being scheduled into the mid-late October now. Please do not wait to get a scholar's name on the calendar while you are still collecting data.

If you have a scholar in your class who is already in the SST process from last year, you are still responsible for bringing documentation to the meeting as a progress update. A SST packet does not need to be completed.

Second grade, the homeroom teacher represents the team at a SST meeting. Each team member who is having concerns with the scholar are responsible for providing documentation to the homeroom teacher to present at the meeting.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Dates to Remember

Oct. 2nd : Bulletin Boards due- see the handbook for details

Oct. 5th : Picture day (all classes eat lunch in the classroom); Report cards to be finalized

Oct. 7th : Report cards printed

Oct. 9th : ½ Day Parent-Teacher Conferences; Students go home at 12:30 p.m. this year

Modified lunch schedule for 1st and 2nd grade. Classes will pick up their lunch

from the cafeteria and eat in the classroom. A schedule was emailed to you

via a calendar request.

Oct. 14th : Parent-Teacher conference sign-in sheet due to Dean Blair

Oct. 16th : Upload signed conference notes to TKES under communication

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