Climate Change

by: Ahmad Gharib

The CCC (Climate Change Club)

Climate Change is a world-wide issue, and this club will assist the community in environmentally healthy activities. The CCC is an organization that meets on a weekly basis to promote awareness about the climate change crisis. Every Friday, CCC members decide on an area of the community to raise awareness about the vast problems of global warming.

Some of the activities we will take part in include:

  • Create website informing the public of the current epidemic
  • Daily blog keeping constant discussion about the issue
  • Distributing flyers on public holidays (with link to our website)
  • Providing presentations in large gatherings, such as the library
  • Create online videos on the affects of global warming
  • Post political cartoons online regarding climate change

The Objective

The ultimate goal of this club is to increase awareness and inform people of the dangers and consequences of global warming, and to create change within society so we can prevent the problem from continuing together. By power in numbers, we can create change for the greater good for the well-being of the Earth, and hopefully encourage others to live an eco-friendly life, and encourage others in their path.

Keeping Track of Progress

We will keep track of the influence we have of the community by keeping track of how many people attend our presentations and seminars, how many people accept our flyers, and how many views we get on our website. By creating a line graph which represents how many people seem interested in our cause over time, we can effectively derive that there is a strong correlation of people for our cause to amount of information provided to the public. Also on our website, there will be a daily blog to keep constant discussion about this issue with people that are interested. By keeping track of these 3 things, we will accurately measure how much of a positive influence we have created in our local communities.