4th Grade Newsletter

January 11-15, 2016


We will have a PRIDE assembly this Friday, following a school wide fire drill. The assembly will begin around 8:15, depending on long it takes for all classes to participate in the drill and return to class. Come and celebrate your child's most recent accomplishments on their 2nd report card!
Don't forget...

NO SCHOOL next Monday January 18th!

Math Plays

Last week in Math we acted out plays that helped us to determine what to do with our remainders in division problems. We learned that we can use it, drop it, or round it up! Check out the photos below from Mrs. Akin's and Mrs. Proctor's classes.


We are studying maps. Last week students looked at the parts of a map and this week they have begun studying map scales.


We have begun our study of the Revolutionary War. So far students have focused on the events leading up to the war and have made timelines to depict the events. Any extra research that you would like to do at home as a family would be great!


In math we have been continuing our work with division. In recent weeks students have solved problems with remainders, and then determined what they must do with their remainders. This week we are working on word problems; students must annotate their problem, label their work, and write their answer as a written statement. Our division assessment is currently schedule for January 22nd.

Yearbook Order Form!!!

Did you know you can order your child's yearbook online? Here is the link below. :)


Sweatshirt Orders

You received an email about sweatshirt orders. If you are interested please email the PTO.