Tangerine Tuesdays

Work Done By: Shannon Lorusso

Lake Winsor News

  • New family moves in the neighborhood
  • Muck fire smoke cause a ruckus by scaring a new homeowner
  • Storms happen every day or so at noon
  • High School football season is just starting off be prepared for a great season
  • Middle and high school starts
  • Middle School soccer tryouts in August
  • A minor flood at the middle school shows how Paul's dad only cares about football
  • Family morns the loss of Mike Costello in a tragic accident
  • Paul goes to the first day of school
  • Paul practices soccer at practice and knows he will make the "bus team".

Brother vs Brother

New family in town has a big dream but, that dream might not be for everyone. Paul is in middle school and his brother, Eric, is in high school. The sad part is Eric gets the attention of the family and Paul doesn't and is kicked to the side lines. Paul likes to play soccer and is good at it. Eric likes to play football and is good at it too. The main difference between them is within personality. Paul is more modest and nicer than Eric. On the other hand, Eric is selfcentered, not modest, and only cares about football. In conclusion these to brothers are very different and I would like to see how they interact in the rest of the book.

Tragedy Strikes

The football team is at practice as usual. Then a lightning bolt hit the goal post that Mike Costello head hit and he flew up in the air. He landed back down on the ground and everyone ran to him. His brother, Joey, kept trying to get Mike's shoes in a shocked state. He got CPR but, it didn't work so 911 came and brought him to the hospital. They tried AED but, he was already dead. Eric tells his mom what happened and they decided not to call the family and let them grieve. Finally, Paul finds Eric and Arthur laughing over the tragedy because it only helped the Eric Fisher Football Dream.

MOYA Issues

The effect Eric's selfish, mean attitude and love for football makes most of their parents attention go to him. This causes Paul to have anxiety from his fear of him. For example we don't know if this is real or a nightmare but, Paul feared that Eric was chasing him while he was on his bike. The effect of his glasses causes people, including Eric, to make fun of how he looks with them and his eyes. The effect of Paul's dad only thinking about football when they moved causes Paul dealing with a school that is mostly trailers.

Middle School Soocer Bus Fundraiser

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 11:45pm

Lake Windsor Middle School

Help our soccer team get a bigger bus for travel games. You wont just help us get a bus, you'll help those who try out and don't get to travel because of our small bus. Help our team and remember go Lake Windsor!