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Close Reading...What's The Deal?

Turning off close reading or not. Who or what is good for (purpose)? Who should have it? Recommendations? Which student would it frustrate and take too much time away from learning other skills?

Close Reading is for grades 2-5 and provides opportunities for students to engage with challenging and high-quality texts. They expose students to longer, more complex texts to build stamina and to prepare students for increased rigor. Close Reading lessons are organized around multiple reads.

1. First Read: Read to Understand. Students read to understand what the text says at a literal level.

2. Second Read: Read to Analyze. Students dive deeper to analyze what the text means.

3. Third Read: Read to Write. Students integrate their analyses of the text with other ideas in order to write about what they have read.

Close Reading Lessons are accessed through a separate lesson button. Students should be guided when to work in a Close Reading lessons. We often suggest students work in one Close Reading lesson per quarter to give them access to these lessons, but not having the students access them regularly as they tend to split their time between i-Ready assigned lessons and Close Reading lessons and focus on one skill is lost.

To familiarize students with the format and instructional approach used in the i-Ready Close Reading lessons, teachers can model Close Reading leading a small or whole group of students through chunks of an i-Ready Close Reading lesson during the reading block. Students can also work on an i-Ready Close Reading lesson cooperatively in peer collaboration groups.

Modeling an i-Ready Online instruction lesson in reading or math is a best practice for any i-Ready lesson to understand the expectations and procedures in successfully completing and learning the content in i-Ready lessons.

Looking for a 1 page report with data from the diagnostic to share with parents in a conference? (don't just send this home, it needs a conversation). Click REPORTS-BATCH-FOR FAMILIES- then choose your subject. See below.

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