New Year's Day Traditons

Traditions on New Year's Day in Mexico and America!!

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New Year's Day

New Year's Day marks the begging of a new year. Fireworks, parties, and parades are the most common events held during New Year's Eve while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Often, these events are televised or are in newspapers.
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New Year's Traditions in America

One of the traditions celebrated in America is the Midnight Kiss. It is just basically kissing someone when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's. One of the most popular things people do is drink champagne. Champagne is used because its bubbly and sparkly and has been associated with luxury, which is perfect for a party. Another tradition is saying, "Rabbit Rabbit." People often say this so they can be granted with good luck. Making a lot of noises on midnight is another tradition. It can apparently scare away evil spirits. The most famous tradition on New Year's Eve is dropping the New York ball in Time Square. Thousands of people gather around in New York City to watch this event.
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New Year's Day in Mexico

  • Throwing a glass of water out towards the street symbolizes expelling tears, worries & negativity.
  • Placing a coin in a shoe or a ticket in their pocket when the person seeks economic prosperity.
  • Sweep with a broom from the door to the street when you want to drive out bad vibes, troubles & negative thing from home.
  • Taking a suit case & going around the block, to have a trip during the year.
  • Want a promotion at work ? Get up on a ladder or stand on a chair and be higher than others.
  • Wearing a red underwear for love, or a yellow for money.

Similar Traditions In Mexico and America

  • Have a count down
  • Throw Parties
  • Have a traditional family feast