June 9th

history / Food / Santa

The Chile history is like ours celebrating the birth of Jesus, but instead of christmas they call it Novena.

A long time ago the chiles used a cross to top the tree to represent jesus’s life.

Many people like to have 'asado' (barbecue) and chicken, turkey and pork. The Chilean Christmas Cake is ‘Pan de Pascua’ which is quite like Panettone.

In Chile, santa is named Papa Noel. Yes. He leaves gifts like our santa. He comes around at 1am the day before Novena.

Tradition / timing / decorations

The holiday starts on december 16 nine days before their christmas. They celebrate it for nine days. At the end they go to the church to have a big feast. When the children did eat there food they would be able to open 1 extra gift.In Chile they have dinner at 9pm or 10pm. At 12pm they will gather around all together and open gifts. They will run around until 2 am

, and then the kids sometimes run around the neighborhood all night showing of their gifts. When there is a gift that they do not want the parents will put them up for next year.

.They use christmas trees, and lights. They use stars which represents the stars in the sky. Nativity Scenes are also an important decoration. They have little clay figures (called 'pesebre') in them. The angel to us is a golden leaf for them.

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Abigail Ganley