SCASL Regional News

November 2013 Update

SCASL Regional News- Action items and information to share

Hello Regional Network Coordinators, Contacts, and membership! Yes it's been a while. Apologies. Coordinators have been sentthe most up to date membership list which shows SCASL is 775 members STRONG. We are so very proud of this strong and well represented group.


SCASL's new website - Sneak Peek

Our re-envisioned website is on a soft roll-out. While not all the dust has settled, you can take a peek at the new format, which is just days away from full launch.

SCASL is working with Memberclicks to offer its membership a new and improved website and member services. SCASL members can look forward to being able to pay dues and take care of conference registration online next year! The new service will also enable members to manage their membership profile online. Social Facebook-like features will be added that will enable us to better serve and communicate with our membership and allow them to communicate with each other without having to worry about nasty spammers!

Soon, when one visits, url will say a brand new interface.


SCASL Mini Grant Awards Two

SCASL has awarded two of its five minigrants!! Remember SCASL is promoting a minigrant opportunity to any SCASL member who wants to present at a non library sponsored conference. SCASL is planning to fund FIVE opportunities for its members to evangelize best practice, great ideas, and professional development opportunities all in the name a ADVOCACY!

Dr. Linda Waskow of Beaufort Elementary was awarded one of the mini-grants to attend and present “Video Production in the Library” in Greenville recently (October 2013) at the SC Edtech Conference. The funds allowed Linda to travel from Beaufort up to Greenville to attend and present.

Betsy Long of Doby’s Mill Elementary School was also recently awarded a SCASL Minigrant. Betsy plans to use the funding to attend SCIRA’s annual conference in Myrtle Beach (February 2014), where she will be presenting in a session titled "Classroom Without Borders." SCASL is very happy to have Betsy represent librarians everywhere, showcasing what school librarians bring to the table of learning. Congrats Betsy!!


SCASL is providing funding for media specialist presentations at SC educational conferences during the 2013-1014 school year to advocate for teacher/librarian collaboration, reading programs, and other benefits of school library programs. The funds available may be used to pay for expenses including registration and one night hotel stay (maximum $250). Media Specialists may apply for one SC Conference Presentation Mini Grant per SCASL membership year.

Requirements of SC Conference Presentation Mini-Grant:

  • Must be a current member of SCASL
  • Submit an application for SC Conference Presentation Mini-Grant
  • Submit confirmation of presentation proposal acceptance from educational conference presentation
  • Submit photo evidence of educational conference presentation
  • Submit a proposal for SCASL conference upon receipt of mini-grant

Here is the link to apply


SCASL 2014 Annual Conference - an Update

The SCASL call-to-conference for SCASL’s 39th Annual Conference should begin arriving if not this week, next. The call to conference is being sent to the printers this week. Some reminders to jot down on a calendar:

  • Conference dates: March 12-14, 2014
  • Deadline to qualify for Membership rates WAS october 1, 2013; if you renewed or joined by October 1, 2013, you qualify for the membership rate!!
  • If your registration is postmarked by January 17, 2014, you will be eligible for THREE free luncheon tickets. Names will be selected from registrants who return their completed forms and payment by January 17, 2014.

DONATE a Gift Basket Door Prize

Districts are once again asked to donate themed gift baskets for door prizes at conference. Get with your district to plan a themed basket, and turn the basket in at the registration desk at conference. Register a gift basket donation here.

In need of a "justification letter"?

If you are in need of a “justification letter” to accompany your official request to attend conference, there is a template that can be downloaded from the site. All one needs to do is fill in the blanks!

SCASL Legislative WATCH

Samantha McManus, SCASL Legislative Chair, shared this with SCASL listserv members recently and it's WORTH A READ and then a click through to the article's link

Samantha says:

What Zais is dropping is presenting it to the State School Board for a vote. The last time they voted, they voted his recommendation down, and he of course received way more bad press than he bargained for. Instead of once again presenting elimination of R43-205 to the School Board, based on his quote in the newspaper, he will take a suggestion to once again suspend class size directly to the General Assembly in January. I am guessing he is dropping his campaign to eliminate the legislation and just sticking with what is already in place.

He has also stated in the same article, at the end, that he will once again run for State Superintendent. I am hoping people, especially those in education and concerned about the education of our children, will pay attention to all candidates presented and make a good leadership choice.

EdFirstSC is calling the whole thing a WIN, but I think Zais is just tabling the issue for now and waiting to see if he gets re-elected. What better way to present something to the Board of Education than to say, "Hey, look, I was re-elected. This is what the people want."

I advise everyone to just continue to be diligent and pay attention. If you aren't following EdFirstSC on FaceBook, then go for it. Patrick Hayes is WAY more militant than I am, but he does keep you informed, no doubt about it.


Read-in coming April 10, 2014 - SAVE THE DATE

The Read-n Date has been set for April 10, 2014. The Legislative Committee is working with the State Library to get more information out (registration, etc.) but you can go ahead and pencil the date in and request the field trip date now. As more details become available, it will be shared.