By Jamaal Pucci

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Brief history

Cyprus was not one of the founders but has one of the highest life expectancy rates higher than the USA it is 79 years, it also has many archaeological sites relating to the cult of Aphrodite, including ruins of palaces, tombs and mosaic-adorned villas. Cyprus joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004. Cyprus is located south of turkey and west of Syria.

Flag, major cities and tourism.

The flag of Cyprus is white with a copper colored silhouette of the land, the green olive branches symbolizes hope between the Greek and the Turkish. The Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, major cities include Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, and Polis. Tourism is usually because of the hot weather and the beaches, and the archeological cites.
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Geological features

Government, currency, and facts

The government of Cyprus is a presidential government in which a head of state or executive is in charge. Cyprus uses euros like the majority of Europe, before they used euros they used lira like the Italians. Cyprus cheese is one of the best cheese in the world it's called halloumi it's firm, brined, slightly springy, white cheese. Cyprus is also home for the oldest wine in the world called camandaria, it's the sweetest desert wine from Cyprus it dates back to 2000 BCE. Paphos has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. It was a centre of the cult of Aphrodite and of pre-Hellenic fertility deities. Aphrodite's legendary birthplace was on this island, where her temple was erected by the Myceneans in the 12th century B.C. The remains of villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses and tombs mean that the site is of exceptional architectural and historic value. The mosaics of Nea Paphos are among the most beautiful in the world.