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Autumn 13 - 2nd hand items

What we currently have in store

As you may know we are sell quality second hand instruments on behalf of friends and customers. This listing shows what we have in the shop at the moment. Also if you have something that you want to sell, then why not consider getting in touch for a chat about it either by calling 01729 825838 or through email to .

Stagg EC300CN Electric Classical solid body guitar. - £130

The current owner, Alan Sturgess says of this guitar: "The Stagg 'Angel Lopez' EC3000CN is an unusual instrument. It is also available in a high-gloss black finish. The one thing this instrument ISN'T is a silent guitar. Even when played unamplified, it can be heard very clearly but naturally, it doesn't have anywhere near the acoustic resonance of a traditional hollow-bodied classical or Spanish guitar. As such, it does make an ideal instrument for quiet practice. However, its true strength lies in its inbuilt ability to be amplified using the active AR-300 two-band EQ which provides both a really strong signal and effective, wide-ranging control of bass, treble and volume"

Farida FH39 Guitar - £145.

This is the intermediate guitar in the Farida Hypersonic range. The body is made from solid alder, which is contoured along its edges, giving it a retro look which obviously has Stratocaster in its genes.
Owned from new by its present owner it has had little use and still looks good with very few signs of having been played. Finished in an attractive burnt red colour with black hardware.

Zoom 2.1u Acoustic effects pedal - £100

This pedal is specifically designed to complement acoustic instruments. It processes the signal from an acoustic guitar pickup, and allows the guitarist to add tone, depth and body to the sound. As well as enhancing the guitar's natural resonance it can also model famous acoustic sounds. It can also be linked directly to a mixer and even has a USB output for connection to PC for recording.

Zither Banjo - £165

We have a nice example of a Zither banjo - a five string long necked instrument that has the fifth string taken up to the head through a tunnel along the neck (rather than to a peg mid way along the neck). It has a closed back and sides with a drum body and skin tensioning system suspended inside the wooden rim. It has 6 machine heads (one is unused). This example looks to date from the first part of the 20th century.

Piano stool - £45

This is a black piano stool with a red padded top that is typical of a design popular during Edwardian times. It is currently finished in black lacquer which is probably a later addition as internal surfaces show a dark hardwood finish (possibly mahogany). The hinges appear to be iron and there is a brass lid retainer which all look original. The stool has turned rails and legs and a sheet music storage within the seat.
Some cosmetic work and a little glue is all that is required to bring it back to its glory.

B&H/ Besson Westminster Cornet £130

This Cornet is “used” but appears in very good general condition (it has been played very little in recent times). It has an excellent sound, and the valve action is smooth. Offered with a black leatherette, plush lined case there is still the label from its previous sale inside the case.

Stagg Alto Sax - £195

This is a 77-SA model Stagg Alto Saxophone. Attractively etched with a floral and butterfly pattern and inscribed with “Hand Crafted in China and Designed in Europe”. Described in various places as an “Alto saxophone with high f# key and gold-lacquered body and keys. Rocker style octave key mechanism.” This example is in very good condition and appears to have been little played. It is on sale with a moulded hard case.

Hawkes Alto Sax - £500

We have a very nice example of an early twentieth century Hawkes Saxophone (before they became Boosey And Hawkes). Little played in recent years it's a beautiful piece and would grace anybody's instrument collection..

Trevor James Flute - £195

This Trevor James 10X flute is a 3011E model and is offered complete with it's original case. It is a nice example and has been checked over by a local repairer. We have dated it to 2005.

Free blowing and easy to play this type of flute is the ideal instrument to progress to, once the basics have been covered.


Wooden Rossetti Descant Recorder - £39

  • 1970/80 period wooden recorder. Little used in recent times but well cared for. Comes in it's original box.

Aulos Tenor Recorder - £40

  • Refined and deep tone suitable for middle and low registers. Using different breath pressures, various expressions can be realized.


Skylark 1/2 size - £45

Skylark Full (4/4) size - £65

We have a couple of Skylark violins in at the moment. These are both ideal starter instruments and are priced to be affordable. Both are in reasonable condition. The full size instrument has seen little action and the 1/2 size has been serviced by us recently.


We have several amplifiers on offer:

  • Pevey Nano Spydyr amplifier (Battery and AC adaptor). - £35
  • Vox 80watt - £170
  • Kustom Bass amp - £40
  • 10 Watt practice amplifier - £35

We are also aware of several pieces of recording and PA equipment available (contact us for details)

Sundry items

We have several stands, equipment bags and pieces of "vintage£ sheet music etc. for sale too. Get in touch for more details

Settle Music - 2nd Hand

(Please note that these are private sales and Settle Music cannot offer any warranty or guarantee on any of these products).