My Favorite Thing: Fall Out Boy

Lilly Cartwright

Who made it?

The band was formed by Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, and Joseph Trohman.

How did it come to be?

Pete and Joe went to Patrick's house where they played together in his garage and decided to start a band. Andy joined later when they were looking for a drummer.

Where was the first one made?

The band was formed in Chicago and most of their early performances were done in that area.

Where is it made now?

They now perform and are known worldwide.

What is its purpose originally and now?

Their goal both originally and now is to make music that reaches the kids that aren't really into the popular scene and to inspire them to do something awesome. Now that they are more famous the do focus on righting well liked songs more than they use to.

How is it sold? How much? Where? To who?

They sells tons of items from CDs to band merchandise to concert tickets to fans all over the world. The prices vary on location and of course the item that you are buying.

Hypothesis: If they could find the right drummer they would be able to play good music.

Experiment: Play with different drummers and see if any of them could add to the music making it better.

Conclusion: Andy Hurley was the best drummer for the band because with him they create good music and have written several hit songs.