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November 2014

Hour of Code December 8-14

This year, all FES Cubs are going to participate in the Hour of Code. Last year, we only allowed select 5th graders to participate. Elementary schools across Fayette County are participating in this world wide event. You will need to sign your class up for Tech Lab 1 during this week. This activity can be in addition to your 2 Tech classes for the month or it can count as one of the 2. If you are interested in earning prizes, you can sign up here.

The Hour of Code is a one-hour activity in which students of ALL ages can choose from a variety of activities that promote computer science. This requires no prep-time for the classroom teacher unless you want to do this activity in your classroom. Students have started to tinker with coding activities in class during the month of November. I appreciate your support during this event!

*All students are expected to attend this event.* (EIP, Gifted, ESOL, SPED)

Please contact me if you are having trouble scheduling your class. I have solutions!

All students will receive a certificate of participation.

The teachers below have already scheduled classes during this week:










Google Sites Update

To those who use Google Sites....It is now allowing you upload images without a server error.
Technology Professional Learning Oppotunities

Click on the link to see the EXTENSIVE list of classes you can take from the county.

Update on Computer Refresh

There is not a lot of information to give on the student computer refresh.

Technology services is going to present a refresh solution to the Board on December 1st.

The District is still undecided on the best option to replace student N-Computing systems with. They are considering distributing 3 of the 6 Chromebooks now to all classrooms across the county in grades 2-5 to help ease the N-Computing woes instead of distributing them during 4 different roll out phases.

I applaud you all for taking care of your student computers when the microsoft update killed them not once but twice!!!

Mark Your Calendar for your next FES Tech PLU class

Wednesday, Jan. 21st 2015 at 2:45-4pm

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Fayetteville, GA


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