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Special Edition - Preparing for Online Ohio State Grade 4 Social Studies Tests (AIR)

Inside this edition:

  • Black History Month Living Wax Museum Grade 4 Alignment
  • CCS Social Studies Assessments Webpage
  • Using Released Test Items
  • Ohio's Computer Based Assessment Portal
  • Ohio Test Prep Tutorials and Edcite Assignments
  • Grade 4 Social Studies Student Review Guide
  • Mastering Ohio's Grade 4 Social Studies Test Prep Book
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Curriculum Update: Living Wax Museum and Social Studies 4 Standards

Many CCS elementary schools celebrate Black History Month by having students create a Living Wax Museum. In a Living Wax Museum students research and portray the contributions of famous or not so famous African Americans.

The Living Wax Museum also provides the perfect opportunity to teach Grade 4 standards that help prepare students for the Social Studies AIR Test.

See the chart linked here for ideas on how to connect Living Wax Museum themes to Ohio's State standards. The chart provides a theme, vocabulary, main idea questions, and examples that you could add to your existing Living Wax Museum project.

CCS Social Studies Assessments Webpage

The CCS Social Studies website includes a page with assessment preparation resources: These resources include teachers guides to the state tests, student review guides, state practice test answer keys and scoring guides, and formative assessment resources. Below is a link to a PDF flyer of the Grade 4 Social Studies Released Test Items.
Using the Released Test Items

Ohio's State Test Grade 4 Social Studies Released Test Items

The Released Test Questions below are organized by content strand. The answer key is at the end of the document. The attached document is a PDF but is also available in Word. Contact Lynda Ray if you have would like the Word version.

Ohio Test Prep Tutorials and Edcite Assessment

Ohio Test Prep is a blended learning tool with eight self-paced modules for each state test in social studies. Each module contains three sections: LEARN, PRACTICE , and ASSESS. In addition to embedded YouTube video tutorials and practice games, each module includes a Mastery Assessment developed with the Edcite platform.

All of the Ohio Test Prep assessments and questions are also available in the Edcite public library, which means teachers can copy them to their own account and customize them as needed. To access the Ohio Test Prep Edcite collections, create a free account (you can log in with your CCS Google Account) and follow the collections here:

Ohio Test Prep is under development and new content is added monthly. The video below shows how to navigate the Ohio Test Prep website.

Ohio Test Prep

Grade 4 Social Studies Student Review Guide

The review guide includes a 1-page student-friendly summary of each learning target, graphic organizer, along with released test questions. These unit reviews are also available for download with the learning modules at

Technology Skills and Readiness Resources Portal

The Grade 4 Social Studies online test has many different question types. The Website has resources that help students practice these technology skills.
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Using State Practice Tests in Edcite for Diagnostic and Formative Assessment

There are limitations to using the State Practice Test Portal. Questions cannot be re-organized by standard or content statement and there is no way to track student data. It is really more for student practice with the online test format and to see the complexity of the questions.

Edcite is a free web-based platform for creating interactive assessments. Edcite has loaded Ohio's practice tests and released test items into their platform. The assessments and questions on Edcite can be copied to an individual teacher account. Teachers can then re-organize questions into smaller assessments aligned by standard. This allows teachers to collect data and use it as diagnostic and formative data.

To access the Ohio AIR Assessments on Edcite, go to:

Getting Started on Edcite

Best Practices for Using the Mastering Ohio's Grade 4 Social Studies Test

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★ Highly focused content summaries in each of the 24 chapters provide the most essential information your students will need.

★ All of the fundamental social studies skills required by the new curriculum are introduced in this book.

★ A Unit Pre-Test allows you to see what your students already know. A Unit Test then allows you to assess what your students have learned.

Click on the link to view a sample lesson format that can be used with the Jarrett Test Prep Book. Chapter 4 - Modifying the Environment

Contact Lynda Ray ( or Chris Weatherholtz ( if you need a copy of the Jarrett Test Prep Book.

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Ohio's Computer-Based Assessments Portal

AIR and the Ohio Department of Education have created a Student Practice Site on the State Test Portal: Students can access practice tests for each course and released test items from previous test administrations. The practice portal provides the same online format as the actual tests. The gives students an opportunity to practice navigating the interface and using the test-taking tools.
There are three options for each state test: The Practice Test, the Spring 2015 Released Items, and the Spring 2016 Released Items.

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