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Week of May 21, 2018

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It's Field Trip Season. Know The Procedures

During the springtime at GES, our grade level classrooms try to take at least 1 trip outside of the school as a classroom field trip. The field trips are proposed to the building principals as the principals need to assure that the field trip is part of the classroom curriculum and fits into the overall curriculum. Field trips are an extension of the school day. They are part of the school curriculum and are geared to what is being studied or taught in the classroom.

For instance, our 4th grade classrooms will be taking a trip to Upper Canada Village in Ontario. This is part of their curriculum as they are studying colonial times. Kindergarten will explore Thompson Park Zoo and will be studying animals of Northern New York.

The building principals encourage our classrooms to explore our area and take our children outside of our school to experience these opportunities as a group and a classroom community. There are parameters and protocols that our classroom teacher must follow, especially for parents who have been asked to chaperone a field trip. Please remember that not all parents will be asked to chaperone a field trip. Parents who do chaperone must be approved as a volunteer and completed the parent volunteer training and completed the yearly application process. Parents who show up at a field trip may not be able to follow along with their child as this is a group activity and teachers need to know where students are and for safety purposes. It is advised to work with your child's teacher so she can be in communication with you as a parents on what to do.

Please remember that safety during field trips will be the #1 priority and that all rules of school apply on a field trip. If you have any questions regarding your child's field trip, please contact your child's teacher so they can answer any questions you may have. All field trips have been listed on the GCSD website on the district calendar You can access it here. Thank you!

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What's Ahead

  • May 21 & 22: UPK Registration
  • May 22: Grade 3 & 4 Chorus Concert 6:30pm HS Auditorium
  • May 23: Wildcat Strummers Ukulele Club GES Music Room 4:00-5: 00 pm
  • May 29-30: 4th Grade Science Test Performance
  • June 4: 4th Grade Science Test Written
  • June 6: PAC Meeting 7:30 am
  • June 6: Wildcat Strummers Ukulele Club GES Music Room 4:00-5:00 pm

Please check the district calendar for other events by visiting the GCSD website or by clicking here.

Gouverneur Elementary Pledge

I pledge to make Gouverneur Elementary a safe and happy place.

I will be respectful, responsible and honest.

I will treat others the way I want to be treated, with gold and blue shining through.

Gouverneur Elementary School, Gouverneur, NY

Gouverneur Elementary School is an exemplary school where we agree to place the welfare of students at the forefront of our decisions. In becoming a school of excellence, we always identify and implement new or enhanced initiatives in the area of curriculum and instruction, provide respectful and professional learning environments, develop and implement planning and support systems and increase faculty, parent and community partnerships.

We are a Responsive Classroom school, so our belief is that the social and emotional curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum. We pride ourselves to "Delivering The Promise of A Brighter Future!"

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