Travel to Earth

by Hope Toaz-Fundarek

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3 Ways to Split The Earth

One the Earth is split up is by the climate zones.

The closer you get to the poles(north and south) the colder it gets.

The closer to the equator the warmer it gets.

Another way we split up the Earth is by continents.

On Earth we have 7 continents.

The 7 continents are...

1.) Asia

2.) Australia

3.) North America

4.) South America

5.) Africa

6.) Antarctica

7.) Europe

Asia and Europe are on the same piece of land they are split by who owns the land.

Also we split up the world by time zones.

We split up the Earth into time zones because the sun goes up and sets at different times in different places of the world.

If you go to New York, New York and then travel to Benji,China then there will be a time change.

The African savanna


  • It is a tropical grassland.
  • It is 78-86 degrees almost year round.
  • Some of the animals that live there are giraffe, zebra, wild dog, rhino, baboon, and vulture.
  • It has a rainy and dry season.

Packing List

  • Knee_high socks
  • Tennis shoes
  • Jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Gloves
  • Pants so that grasses don't cut your legs
  • Light sweaters so bushes dont cut your arms


  1. Food. We can hunt animals as food.
  2. We can build houses on the flat terrain. It's a good place to build because it is flat.
  3. Tourism. The African Savanna is a great place to go and see all of the wildlife


  1. Wild Fires. During the Dry season it can it pretty warm meaning the dry grass can get pretty hot and catch fire
  2. Soil. This is not a good place to farm.

The Amazon Rain Forest

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  • Largest rainforest.
  • Has cattle ranching.
  • Some animals are Spider Monkey, Sloth, Macaw, and Electric Eel.
  • 10% of the world’s known species live in the Amazon rainforest.

Packing List

  • Raincoat
  • Rain Boot's
  • Umbrella
  • Long sleeve shirts (baggy and breathable) so that mosquitoes cant bite.
  • Pants.
  • Hiking Boots.
  • Sneakers.
  • Bug spray.


  1. Medicine. Some of the plants can be used as a medicine.
  2. Water from the trees after a rain forest.
  3. Food. You can hunt animals that are not endangered.


  1. Lots of endangered species.
  2. Deforestation. The Amazon Rainforest is being cut down, and it is happening fast.
  3. Where it hasn't yet been deforested there are very thick plants and trees, meaning it is hard to get through.

Bonarie Island

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  • Existed for almost one hundred years
  • On top of two tectonic plates

Packing List

  • Swimsuit
  • Sandals
  • Water toys
  • Swimsuit cover
  • Sunscreen
  • Money
  • Phone


  1. Tourism. One of the finest scuba diving places in our world.
  2. Building. It's good land to build houses.
  3. It is hot all year.


  1. Volcanoes. Bonarie is made by volcanoes.
  2. Heat. when it gets really hot people can get overheated.
  3. Tsunamis. Since Bonarie is in the middle of the ocean Tsunamis can hit.

Travel Tips

  • Bring warm clothes because at night the African Savanna gets really cold.
  • Bring rain gear.
  • Get diving lessons.

You should go to........

  • The desert close to the rainforest like the Sahara.
  • Other islands like Hawaii.