Saving Energy

By:Bella Noe

Why we need to save energy

We need to save energy because in the future we could run out of the non renewable energy that we need like petroleum, coal, natural gases. Saving energy means that we have to decrease how much energy we use in school, our homes, and are community. If we use to much energy like are non renewable then we wont have it in the future.

Saving energy at home

My Idea

My idea for saving energy at home is to replace all my light bulbs like the fan lights and all the other light bulbs that save energy.When we do this it will save energy. Also during the summer we can keep blinds closed so it wont be so hot in the house and wont have the the air up so high. So it will save electricity.We can also add solar panels to the top of the roof, we can also use paper plates for non messy thing like sandwiches so we wont have a lot of dishes so the less water and electricity will be used.

Saving energy at school

My Idea

At school instead of using electrical sharpeners we can use hand held sharpeners and wall sharpeners this will conserve electricity since almost every class has a electrical sharpener, they also all have a wall sharpener that not a lot of kids use even tho it will save a huge amount of energy through out the school.

Saving energy in our community

My Idea

We can replace all of the street lights with solar panel lights so it is storing energy from then sun then at night the light will turn on, then it will conserve a lot of energy through our whole neighborhood. It will also save electricity so the community wont have to pay so much for all of the lights being on in the day time.