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January 9, 2019

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Farmersville MakerLab OPENS!

On Wednesday the Farmersville staff were introduced to their new makerlab. They enjoyed experimenting with tools to implement more collaborative design thinking challenges for their students.
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Tina Parker's Class - STEM Challenge

Tina's class welcomed the New Year with a STEM challenge. Students were given a limited number of items to build a tower that would support a large marshmallow. Great collaboration and creativity filled the WSI MakerLab at West!


Brenda Zoller's Grade 5

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Cindy Oxley's Grade 1

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Eight Lessons from an Adopted Greyhound... by John Spencer

John says, "I get it. If you’re not a dog person, you might be tempted to roll your eyes at this post. However, as I look back on this year, I realize that I have learned a ton from my experience of adopting a greyhound."

This is a GREAT READ and REMINDER to all who teach from cradle to grave!

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Our Twitter Book Chat Begins TOMORROW!

It's not too late to Join US!

Semester II - Twitter Book Chat

Beginning in January, we will be hosting another Twitter Book Chat where you will have the opportunity to earn PD points for participation, learn more about building a culture of innovation, collaborate with MSDMV peers, and chat with, author of Pure Genius, Don Wettrick and his daughter, Ava Wettrick!

We invite administrators and staff to join this opportunity. Be with us for all virtual chats or come when you can! The more you attend, the more PD points you earn.

Our first Twitter Book Chat will be from the SHARP Lab for anyone new to Twitter chats. This will help you get comfortable with Tweetdeck and Twitter Chats!

Don will be with us, virtually, for most of the chats, and his daughter is planning on joining us at all our chats!

Each chat (#MVeLearn) will be on Thursday night (7:00pm) for an hour before the #INeLearn (IDOE state) chat (8:00pm)

Our January 10 chat will be from the SHARP Lab IF YOU WANT TO BE in a FACE to FACE environment for the first time!!

  • Jan. 10 - Chapter 1 - Why Innovate?

  • Jan. 17 - Chapter 2 and 3 - Creating a Culture of Innovation and Leadership / There is no Plan

  • Jan. 24 - Chapter 4 - Six Building Blocks of Innovative Learning

  • Jan 31 - Chapter 5 and 6 - Social Media and Teachers / Social Media and Students

  • Feb. 7 - Chapter 7 - Getting Started with Social Media

  • Feb. 14 - Chapter 8 - Opportunities are Everywhere

  • Feb. 21 - Chapter 9 - Student Voices (Special Guest Ava Wettrick)

  • Feb. 28 - Chapter 10 - Moving Forward

Want to use Tweetdeck for the chat? Here's How.....
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