One should not put themselves before everyone else

Nurse can be shown throughout the book Romeo and Juliet with someone putting themselves before everyone else, or she herself thinking of others rather than herself

"'Come let's away; the strangers are all gone.'" ( P.1018 line 162 act 1 scene 5).

Nurse follows the theme by NOT putting Juliet before her, and thinking about her and making sure they both leave, while Nurse could have just walked away and left Juliet to wonder up all night.

'"Did Romeo's hand shed Tybalt's blood?' ....'It did!"'( P.1053 lines 77-78 act 3, scene 2).

When Tybalt was killed, Nurse was crying, not Juliet, but when she found out Romeo slew him, she knew it would make things even harder between the two, so then she starts to cry, only for her own needs, or in other words, she put herself before family.

"[She drinks and falls upon her bed within the curtains]"..."'O me, O me! My child, my only life!'"(P.1079-1082, lines 61--22 act 4 , scene 3). Lady Capulet is weeping because she found her daughter who seems to be dead, but really just drank a powerful potion that would make her seem dead so that she could get away with Romeo, for her own purposes. She was in such deep thought for herself, that she didn't care what this did to her parents, or how she was putting herself before them.

'"Thus with a kiss I die.'[Falls]"..."[She stabs herself and falls]."(P. 1096-1098, lines 123--182, act 5, scene 3. Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead, so he kills himself to be with her, ( thinking only of himself and putting himself before everyone else). Then Juliet wakes expecting to be in Romeo's arms, but instead finds him on the floor dead, so she also putting herself before everyone else, and wanting to be with him, kills herself too. This ties into the theme " One should not put themselves before everyone else" because they Both put themselves before everyone else over and over, and paid the final price for it, death.