David DeMarais

Career Research

  • Fly an airliner from on destination to the other.
  • Fly airliner, check weather, communicate with FFA.
  • 4 year degree, at least 17 years old, must understand english.
  • Must know math, science, and how your plane works.
  • $114,000 per year.
  • You can find this work in airports. You are basically in the cab of a airline all day.
  • In time you will eventually work your way up to international flights.
  • Hardesty says "The problem is who to omit."
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High School Preparation

  • Algebra and Physics
  • Science club
  • Copilot or you could ask to see the cab of the plane.
  • Mr. Cerisani, Mr. Stark, and Dr. Brady.

Post-secondary Plans

  • Auburn University, Arizona State University, Concordia University. They all have great programs for pilots. You need a bachelors degree.
  • Delta Airlines has a training programs for pilots.
  • Must be a copilot first.