cattle ranching

By Emily Meyer block C


There was more cattle in Oregon so they drove their cattle to North to the Okanagan.

they drove more and more cattle up to the Okanagan through old fur bridge trill, they was as far as the Carbooo gold field.

the rancher was selling the cattle to the gold miners, originally.


  • Cornelius O'Keefe decided he could make more money raising cattle instead of driving them from Oregon; he was one of the first cattle drivers.
  • he got land from the government to buy land for ranching.
  • the gold ran out so less cattle were sold to miners.
  • Then the CPR had to send the cattle to Eastern Canada to feed the railway builders as well as to export them for sale to other interested buyers.
  • Soon more people began to settle in the Okanagan and the prairies. This created a larger market for the cattle.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail in the development of this category

They use the cattle to feed the gold miners and when they ran out they lost more business

they use the fur Brigade trail to drive the cattle

Early History

Arthur Booth Knox was confided felon.

Arrived in the Okanagan valley in the late 1874 he purchased 4,000 acres of land valley soon-to-be-surveyed town sit of Kelowna

1890 " the hay fire" to Tom Ellison three prize hay stack. Apparently there was to many cattle and Arthur Booth Knox was accused of the causing the fire to drive out his competition.

Arthur Booth Knox was found guilty and ordered to serve 3 years at hard labor.

Arthur Booth Knox was from Scotland

  • There was more cattle in Oregon so they drove there cattle to the Okanagan.
  • They use more and more render that driving there cattle up to the Okanagan throw the old fur bridge and trail they went as fair then the Carboo gold fled.
  • the rancher was selling the cattle to the gold mainers

Reasons for settlement in Okanangan valley

The ranching was industry largely determined the Character of the HBC it provide away to making a living and shaped the heritage
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Early Accomplishments in Okanagan valley

1901 he was president of the prestigious agricultural and trades association

Accomplishments in Okanagan valley

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the ranching industry has since changed from its cual pioneering way of life to a modernized business enter prize he had sold his ranch to the Okanagan fruit and land for 75,000

LEgacy Toady ( how the name lives on today and why?)

today it is the largest contiguous park space within the city of Arthur Booth Knox Kelowna limits.

Its home to the Okanagan sun flower

Knox mountain hill climb

garden memorial at the top Knox mountain drive

society called the friends of Knox mountain park

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