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What's going on here?

Deadly Viruses Spreading

Within the past years, viruses have become an increasing problem. These viruses spreading, such as Ebola and and malaria are becoming very serious, and spreading quickly. Within the past year, 169 people have been victims of malaria, and lost the battle. Another statistic shows that all together, about 10,467 people have died from Ebola in West Africa. These viruses are deadly, and spreading quickly which is why many inform you to stay I'm your house and keep away from infected patients.

Why is Mali becoming such a LDC?

Poverty in Mali

More than half the population in Mali live in absolute poverty. This means that the people living in Mali barely make enough to have the necessities. Within the past 30 years the poverty has increased by 40%. Different countries and nations have seen this and have tried to help and progress mali into being out of poverty completely. Over the last 60years, countries have helped reduce poverty by making gains in health, education, and living standards in Mali.

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West Africa

Neighboring countries

Algeria, burkina, faso, cate D'lvoire


Feb-June: Hot and dry

June-Nov.: rainy, hot, humid

Nov.-Feb.: cool, dry


1st found by Portuguese traders in 1470

One of the poorest countries in the world

Became independant in 1960

Moving towards a stable, multi-party democratic govt.


Over 90% are Muslim and Mosque



Infant mortality rate

104.34 deaths/1,000 live births per year

Life expectancy

55 years old

Literacy rate



Live around Niger and Senegal rivers


Deadly viruses

Limited resources

What has been done by nations to help?

Nations have sent vaccines for viruses

They have sent foreign aid

Economic strategies

Mali health

-transforms maternal/child health sustainability

-enable/build/design communities own health care systems

-promotes education

-fostering residents to community Heath needs

-enhances financial, geographic, and cultural access to poor families

Who would implement it?

Malian troops international partners should implement development driven incentives to encourage more countries to trade with Mali.

Potential for Mali


-participatory process:insights on objects

-base run simulation: outlook into key development issues countries might face in the future

-alternative scenerios: different strategies

-resulting development plan: clear basis of action in the various sectors