BY:Gary Charkes

it's about a boy who had his loved killed by town bully's.

in the end one of the bully's just start punching the other bullies.then one of the bully's got behind the bully and started punching him.then the main character got punched a lot then cussed at then got his head slammed hard against toilet lid then he got stabbed in the stomach and then he died.he came there to closure and he had it.

setting:in basement area in school

characters:mr.parson,Wayne panson,pemila,town bullies

Point of view:death of love




she was a sweet nice blond girl.she got cussed out.she scratched the bully then her and her bf ran and hid.she got her head against the toilet and then she got stabbed to death.

is that eyeballs Halloween story part2

Halloween story part 2 both Halloween story

eyeballs instead of candy death blood

little girl puking everywhere lies gf bf

crazy old man betrayal danger

text to self:i got my head hit against toilet lid before

text to text:death in Halloween part two death

text to world:some people get stabbed to death

from text hitting head on toilet.connection getting head hit against toilet to.

star rating 5

what i would change is the end.i would change the part where he dies.i would change it to where hes alive and his girlfriend didn't die.