Principal's Peek at the Week

Jane R. Mills, January 8-15

Superheroes Everywhere....

Welcome back to a Year of Possibilities. I always love a new start and the ability to look at our jobs, our life, and our communities with a fresh perspective.

This year, I desire to continue the purposeful work we have started. A teacher stated "that our school has Super heroes everywhere- people always ready to swoop in and help." This was a true compliment to the culture we have built and the one in which we continue to grow and nourish. For this, I truly celebrate and give Cheers.

For the future, a quote that I read from Education Week stated,"... The key lesson to truly improve schools is to focus on improving the knowledge of the adults in schools and allowing time to collaborate on what kids need to learn and how to teach it."

This has been on my heart as I evaluate myself, our school, and our culture. I do feel we have superheroes willing to swoop in and help and this is a celebration. I also know that we need to continue to our work on building our teacher toolboxes. Planning time should be full of best practice discussions and using data to plan our lessons. Mastery Connect should be welcomed like a Free-Space in Bingo because it gives us knowledge and a heads up. Value must be given to teachers as ones that are experts in the field, yet to be these experts, the school must be a professional learning community built on a belief that as teachers grow and learn, students will grow and learn. This is a powerful desire and a place where your voice is always essential for what you need to grow and learn as adults in order to grow and teach our future.

I am honored to work beside you and I see your true POWERS daily. Let's do this 2018- Together we can, together we a community of champion learners!

January Calendar

January 8-22 ELL will work with test prep for ACCESS, schedules may vary

January 10, Retirement Reception for Larry 3 pm

January 11, Cheers and Chat 3pm

January 12- PTA Volunteer Breakfast, 5th Grade Human Growth and Development

January 15 Martin Luther King Holiday, No school for all

January 16, End of Qtr. 2

January 17, PTA Family Night Sky Zone, Whole Faculty Meeting, Chapters 5 and 6 “Mindset for Learning”, Breakfast in workroom hosted by Valuteachers- retirement consults

January 18, Student Council Project in school, Cheers and Chat 3 pm, DLC Walkabouts

January 19, K4 Math Day, DLC Walkabouts

January 22, PTA/ Title One Math and Science Night 5:30

January 23, Quarter 2 Report Card

January 24, no pm meeting. K4, K5, 1st Dental Lessons

January 24-29 ACCESS Demo with ALL ELL students

January 25, K5 Children’s Museum 9:30-11:30, Cheers and Chat 3 pm

January 26, Chicken Biscuits Sales

January 29, Ensley Baby Shower 3:10

January 29-February 6- 2 week period, limited ELL for test preparation

January 31, Battle of Books Initial Round, MC Window closes

January 3-31 ELEOT Walkthroughs all month

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Happy Birthdays- January Celebrations

Candice Holliday - January 2

Tara Fennell- January 5

Charles Ross Tonnsen- January 4

Tyler Calhoun- January 8- Go DAWGS!

Tammy Finch- January 18