What to Expect When Expecting

Kierra, Lesli, Ciandra

babys are growing

mothers is unsure if pregnent

just beging to fertalize

6 weeks heart beat

dark spots for eyes

toes and feet are forming- size of kidney been

baby moving

10 weeks baby tissue grows

starts seeing toes and fingers

can see spine forming

12 weeks baby is having reflex

eyes have moved to the front

  • The baby becomes aware of sounds outside the body, the pupils can react to light
    The baby stores fat under the skin
    The baby increases the store of maternal antibodies and thus resists some diseases.
    weeks boby is now catching up with his head

  • *Second trimester*

      Irregular, painless contractions of the uterus may be experienced. (Braxton Hicks contractions)
      Heartburn, haemorrhoids, shortness of breath, and difficulty sleeping may be experienced in the early part of the third trimester.
      Toward the end of the third trimester, breathing may improve due to the uterus
      settling down into the pelvis, this may also cause an increase in frequency of urination.

    *thrid trimester*

    fat begins to be deposited on your baby. Your baby is about 36 cm (14 inches) long and weighs from about 900 - 1800g (two to four pounds). Your baby's hearing is fully developed and he or she changes position frequently and responds to stimuli, including sound, pain, and light.

    baby can move. baby can blink. full length


    first 6 weeks are spotting

    breast starting to grow

    less energy day by day

    trouble sleeping and going pee

    10 weeks her uteris is as big a grapefruit

    13 weeks morning sickness

    makeing colostrul breast milk

    start to gain weight

    *second trimester*

    the mom has more energy and less tenderness.

    no more queasiness.

    Thirteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 11 weeks after conception, your baby's intestines have returned to his or her abdomen from the umbilical cord — where they've been growing for the past couple of weeks. Your baby is also beginning to form urine and discharge it into the amniotic fluid.

    Tissue that will become bone is also developing around your baby's head and within his or her arms and legs.

    *thrid trimester*

    tried and uncomfurable

    can feel baby move

    starts to leak colostrum