Moist v.s. Dry

Culinary 1


  • Uses Radiation from a heat source located below the food.
  • A metal grate holds the food over the heat source.
  • You can use a variety of heat sources including gas flames or electrical burners.
  • Quite popular method because of the robust flavor the method imparts.


  • Cooks food in liquid at its highest possible temperature. (212 degrees F, 100 degrees C At sea level)
  • Boiling liquids move rapidly and create a vigorous rolling motion of large bubbles. These bubbles transfer heat via convection.
  • Should not be used for protein dishes such as steak because it toughens the meat.
  • Often used for vegetable, starches, and grains.

Grilling and Boiling Compared:

Grilling and Boiling are both pretty popular cooking methods used around the world.

Grilling and Boiling Contrasted:

Grilling and Boiling are very different in certain ways. For example, you shouldn't boil meat.

Another difference is that boiling is most often used to cook vegetables, starches, and grains. Grilling uses higher temperatures and uses radiation rather than convection.

Grilling a steak

This 2:30 video shows Gordon Ramsay grilling two Steaks.

Boiling Vegetables

This 2:47 video shows vegetables boiling.