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September 14th - September 25th

Fall Field Trip to Connor Prairie!

We are getting excited for our upcoming field trip. Please remember to turn in the permission slip with your child, as well as the $6.00 fee. Be sure to check the box for chaperoning, if you are interested! Permission slips and fees are due by October 5th!

CRES Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view the school newsletter! This is lots of important information regarding upcoming events not listed in my newsletter!

Student led Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parents! Conferences are coming up! They will be student led conferences. We are working toward independence and responsibility in third grade! In class we will practice the expectations for the conferences! This is a great way for students to take responsibility for their learning! Please bring your child to the conference time that you signed up for!


Just a reminder that your student should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night. This could look many different ways. If your child loves to read this is easy. If your child struggles to enjoy reading this can be difficult. Try to make reading every night more like a book club that you cannot wait to discuss the plot with your child!

You may:

- Read a little to your child then have your child read a little to you

- Listen to your child read and then ask questions about it

Helping your child remember to read each night is very important. Click on the link below to see a chart that is a great reminder of the power of reading.

Students should also be practicing their math facts for 10 minutes. This is a portion of math that we want to be quick!


You will notice that your student will not receive a grade for Science this quarter. We are doing Social Studies the whole quarter. We will begin Science second quarter and not have Social Studies.
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Blue on Tuesday, September 29th!

Blue and his emcee will be joined via satellite calls from Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders, players and Coach Pagano. Each representative will express the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, being physically active 60 minutes a day, not bullying and working hard in the classroom. Encourage your child to wear his/her Colts wear!

Past Couple Weeks

We've been working hard the past couple of weeks! Take a look below!

Fishers Fire Department

Students had the chance to learn and review fire safety skills. They practiced crawling through the fire trailer. We are grateful to have important men and women help inform our students about fire safety!

Author Tyler Whitesides came to visit!

On Thursday, Mrs. Hicks arranged for the third and fourth grade classes to hear Tyler Whitesides speak. He talked to us about finding inspiration in the everyday things of life. While working as a custodian in a school, he was inspired to write a series of children's novels, Janitors, about school janitors who fight the forces of evil. Thank you Mrs. Hicks for this opportunity to be inspired in our writing

Social Studies - How does where you live affect you?

Students have loved working on their Lapbook projects for Social Studies. Students worked with partners to research information on IPADS. We are starting to finish up research and report our findings.


We wrapped up rounded and started a new math project about numbers! Ask your child about this project today!
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We learned about rubrics!

Students learned that a rubric is a tool that we use to score something. We practice scoring our crates!

Language Arts

We have been reviewing nouns and learning about the six traits of writing. We have been adding criteria to our writing rubric while working on our Personal Narratives!
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We have been practicing using evidence/details from the text to support our answers! We learned how to do this with a picture book called, I Need My Monster. Students drew pictures of what they thought the mystery monster looked like by listening to the details from the text. Then, they labeled the details of their monster! Now we are working on finding evidence to support character traits! Ask your child about the chicken dance!

Upcoming Skills and Resources

We will continue to learn about growth mindset! This will help your student understand how we can learn from out mistakes in order to get better, instead of stopping when things do not go our way!

Below I have listed some of our topics and suggestions of how you can help at home! Please note that these are only suggestions and in no way required!

Math: What is perimeter?

Question: What is fact fluency?

- Each week your student will take a timed quiz to practice their addition and subtraction facts. They will have five minutes to complete the 100 problem quiz. The goal is to get your students to know their math facts in a snap!

Resources to practice at home:


- Create flash cards (the old fashioned way)

- Download the app(s):

  • Xtramath
  • tenmarks
  • There are many more apps you can find and utilize


Reading: Story Elements!

How to help at home:

-Make a space for your child to read every night

- Read with, beside, or to your child

- Listen to your child read to you

Questions to ask about reading:

"What was the setting?"

"What is a character trait for the main character? How do you know?"

"What was that chapter, book, or page all about?"

"Retell what you just read."

"How would you feel if you were.... (character in novel)"

"Why do you think the author told you that?"

"How would this book be different if the setting was different?"

"What caused the character to do that?"

"Predict what will happen next. What from the text caused you to make that prediction?"

"Identify the theme." (Theme: the message or moral of the story)

"What is the problem in the story?"

"What was the solution to the problem?"

Social Studies: Communities

  • Landforms
  • Natural Resources
  • Weather
  • Midwest Geography

How to help at home:

- Get out a map and mark all the states in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, & Wisconsin)

- Look at the major rivers in the Midwest and the Great Lakes!

Important Information

Our Schedule

8:45-9:00 Morning Procedures

9:00-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-10:10 Specials

10:15-10:30 Morning Meeting/Goal Setting

10:30-12:00 Reading Workshop

12:00-12:30 Science/S.S.

12:35-12:55 Recess

1:05-1:35 Lunch

1:40-3:00 Math

3:00-3:30 Writer's Workshop

Specials Classes

9/28 Monday Day 4 - Computers

Tuesday Day 1 - Art

Wednesday Day 2 - Music

Thursday Day 3 - PE

Friday Day 4 - Computers

10/5 Monday Day 1 - Art

Tuesday Day 2 - Music

Wednesday Day 3 - PE

Thursday Day 4 - Computers

Friday Day 1 - Art

What's Going on Here at Cumberland Road Elementary School?

Upcoming CRES Events

**Get these Special Events on Your Calendar**

October 1st: Roadrunner Rally

April 22nd: CRES Fest

Lunch Visits and Background Checks

All guests and parent volunteers must have their background check completed prior to volunteering at school or having lunch with their child. The online background checks will take time to process. You do not need to complete a background check prior to visiting if you have had one done in HSE within the past 3 years. ALL guests must also complete an online anti-bullying training webinar.

For more information on background checks and the anti-bullying webinar, please visit: