2nd Hand News

Winter 2018

2nd grade has had a snowy month and now the groundhog is predicting even more winter. That will come in handy as 2nd graders track our local weather and learn about winter weather in more extreme places! In math, the money unit has begun with identifying coins and learning how to calculate amounts. It will progress to creating small businesses, buying and selling, and making change with regrouping skills. In addition to using previously learned phonics skills, the "open syllable" is up next. Our big project right now is the PLAY. Memorizing lines, using teamwork for singing, remembering cues, and actively participating in productive rehearsals have all been important as we get closer to the performance. A huge thanks to our creative stage parents for costume and set ideas! We couldn't do it without you.

2nd graders did a wonderful job participating in other activities such as the JEM Readathon and LS Reading Days. Outreach projects have included making silverware packets for a soup kitchen and cat toys for animals in need.


  • Readathon Packets are due this Wednesday, Feb. 7th.
  • LS SPORTS DAY is Friday, Feb. 9th. Wear your favorite team jersey or something from your own sport.
  • Our play, "The Fairy Tale Advice Playbook" opens on Wednesday, Feb. 14th at 9:45 am.
  • Since the play coincides with Valentine's Day, the cast party in the classroom after the performance will double as a Valentine's Day party. If your child chooses to bring in valentine cards, please make sure there is one for each classmate.

It was wonderful to visit with families at conferences and share the progress of everyone's favorite 2nd graders. Stay warm!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce