Animal Farm

Celene Han

Character Analysis for Mollie

I find Mollie to be very oblivious because she seems to not be really aware of what Mr. Jones was doing and how it affected the rest of the animals. She drew into Mr. Jones's trap and came mincing dainty in chewing on a lump of sugar. As well as Mollie is incredibly foolish because she was the one to ask really irrelevant questions when all the other animals were discussing before the rebellion such as "Will there still be sugar after the rebellion?" and "Shall I still be able to wear ribbons on my mane?"


The power/abuse of language is the main character would be Napoleon but in general the pigs. The pigs change up the commandments tricking those that weren't as intelligent. Such as on page 91 the sixth commandment "No animal shall kill any other animals" and fooled them to think they missed the last two words " without cause."

Important Event

At the beginning of the story Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals because he was drunk. That itself I believe to be a big part in the story which was what started the whole rebellion. I mean I guess it wouldn't be crucial to the rebellion because of Boxer it still would've took place without it. But they believe Mr. Jones was selfish and that's what got the animals so enraged.


The Animal Farm Flag was green, to represent the green fields of England, and the hoof and horn signified the future Republic of the Animals. The flag itself represents the animal for their freedom and celebratory reasoning.