Estacada Middle School: Wk15 S1

The Know-whats and the Know-hows at Estacada Middle School

School takes place Monday-Thursday from 8:50am-3pm

Students must log into Canvas for Life class by 8:50am each day

Friday: No School

Bell Schedule Reminder (See Below)

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Forecasting for 2nd Semester Elective

We want to provide your student with an opportunity for a new elective. We will do our best to make a change. And, we may not be able to because of health and safety, cohorting purposes. (Watch the Video Below)

Forecasting for Semester 2, 2021

End of Semester Announcement and Elective Changes (See Video Above)

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 3pm

This is an online event.

The end of the semester is on February 4 (Last Day For Student is 2/3) and the beginning of the second semester is on February 8.

To prepare for the beginning of the second semester, students will "Forecast" for elective classes. This will be completed in your student's Life class. Students will choose one class as their elective. Students can continue with the same elective class such as Music, PE, or Art; and, the content will be the same.

Expect for your student to begin forecasting this Monday, January 11.

Parent Satisfaction: Goals and Strategic Actions

160 families provided input of their satisfaction about our systems, practices, and culture of learning at Estacada Middle School.

The top two highest-rated indicators are:

  • "My family is treated with respect at this school"
  • "The principal at this school is approachable and reachable"

The top two opportunities for improvement are:

  • "I regularly received feedback from the school about how my child is learning"
  • "I receive positive messages from the school about my child"

Our staff have built an action plan to overcome the bottom two lowest-rated indicators; you will see an improvement in how we provide you with feedback about your students' learning as well as how frequently you may be receiving positive messages from EMS about your student.

Math iReady Diagnostic Assessment

Beginning on January 25, your student will start the second "iReady Diagnostic" assessment. This is a tool for us (the parent, the student, the teacher, and the administrator) to learn about your student's strengths and areas for development.

It is very important that your student try their best and answer truthfully and honestly throughout the assessment because individualized instruction is developed from the results of this tool.

We will provide you with more information during a Facebook Live Webinar on Thursday 1/21 at 6:15pm.

Guidance for Families Administering Diagnostic from Home 1

iReady Math Presentation for EMS Families

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 6:15-6:45pm

This is an online event.

Join Mr. Hargrave and the Math Teachers for a FacebookLive Webinar. We will discuss the upcoming iReady Diagnostic why the tool is so, so important and what it "sounds" / "feels" like to take the tool at home. See the images below for a head start!
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EMS Wellness Center Appointments

Estacada Middle School has a Wellness Center! Students attending EMS's Wellness Center are provided a time for structured, individualized breaks in the academic day to tend to the social, emotional, and academic well-being of the student. Students meet with our Wellness Center coordinator who guides students through lessons. For example:

I can name four benefits to having self-control:

a) Self-control helps you achieve goals

b) Self-control enables better resilience to life challenges

c) Self-control is beneficial for our physical health

d) Self-control helps you build stronger relationships

If you'd like to learn more or schedule your student for an appointment, please contact:

View Your Student's Classroom and Activities in Canvas (See How Below)

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Using My Observer Account

Zoom and Canvas Training for Families!

A team of community members is working together to provide helpful Zoom and Canvas training to Estacada families as we complete 2020 and begin 2021. This training is simple, free, and can be done at home. Our goal is to support Estacada families in learning how to use Zoom and the Estacada School District Canvas system. You can request a one hour training session by e-mailing or call 503-668-9955 and ask for Robin or Becca.

Please share this opportunity with your friends and family. We would love to support anyone in Estacada struggling with how use Zoom and create more success for our community in walking through the Covid-19 pandemic!

The Estacada Collaborative Design Collaborative:

Veronica Leon, Amanda Hamlin, Debra Bufton, Lynne Deshler, Julie Syring, Natasha Bevercombe, Pam Tourville, Nunpa, Martha Pinto, Siphat Men, Melanie Wagner, Jennifer Harris, Quela Cauich, Leticia Gonzalez, Ashley Carroll, Julie Syring; Matt Lorenzen, and Jason Hobson

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Excused Absences

Please remember to inform us of any excused absence if your student is unable to be present online for all or part of a school day, by calling 503-630-8516 or emailing

Regardless of their excused absence, your student will continue to be required to submit any work that was missed at the soonest possible opportunity.

We are flexible and here to support you, but we also need to ensure that your student is providing us with evidence of their progress to meet our essential learning standards.

Unexcused Absences

As we progress deeper into the school year, your student's attendance will begin to matter more and more. Let us support you ,and work with you, to help your student attend class. To be marked present, your student must do both of the following:

1.Participate meaningfully in class activities (Fully complete school work, speak up in Zoom sessions, ask questions of their teachers on Zoom and/or in Canvas and finish and submit responses to assignments and/or surveys)

2.Communicate with their teacher or another staff member for each period they attend by responding to their teacher's prompts, sending a private message via Canvas or email about the task or assignment if they are not participating live. This communication is not simply saying, "I'm here." It must show a greater level of engagement to count toward being present that day.

If your student has difficulty accessing videos, Zoom meetings or assignments, please have them email their teacher as soon as possible to receive suggestions for how to resolve the issue, so they can be marked present for that class.

See Teacher contact information below.

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Do You Need Something from EMS? Come in: Safely!

In order to adhere to OHA, ODE and CDC Covid-19 guidelines, we've instituted a new protocol for visits to our main office.

All Visits to the EMS Office:
  • When you arrive at the main door, ring the buzzer to your right and we'll come out to meet you.
  • Please be wearing your mask. If you don't have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Picking Up or Dropping off Items
  • The District Transportation office has set up a delivery system that will bring items from the school directly to your home the day after a delivery need has been identified.
  • If you need the item sooner than the next day or two, or if you need to drop something off with us, please call our office at 503-630-8516 or email to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Thanks for your cooperation with this new protocol that we hope will keep all of us safe!
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Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.

Go Tigers!

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