Patriot Press

February 24-28


Thanks to all who brought in their baby pictures! We have loved all the conversations around the picture wall! You have until Wednesday to turn in your sheet. Matilde is leading the way with 25/38 correct!!! Keep guessing!

Attendance March Madness!-We are going to start an attendance contest for the next 5 weeks and tie it to March Madness. We have a bracket on the wall with your class. Each week, you will go head to head against another class. The class with the best attendance for the week will move on in the bracket. The winning classes will earn a popsicle party

Morning meetings-continue to have conversations with your students about getting along with others, Kelso's choices, and lunch room behavior.

Tuesday is Yesenia's last day! Be sure to give her lots of well wishes! Her sub will be Laurie Hennington. She will start on Thursday. I will share her number next week. SHe is a retired CCISD counselor and is super sweet!

Important Dates

Pledge Helpers-Hensarling

Feb. 24

PL- Kinder

Computer Labs closed 12:00-3:30

Day 1

Feb. 25-

5th Math Benchmark

Buckels out a.m.

5th grade block 8:15-9:00

Character PBIS Meeting 3:30-4:30 p.m. in library

Day 2

Feb. 26

5th Reading Benchmark

5th grade block 8:15-9:00

Faculty meeting-shareout-5th grade Snacks-3rd/Office

Day 3

Watch DOG-John Fitzgerald-Lowery/Yancey-PE/Music

Adam Ferreira-Reid-PE

Feb. 27

4th Writing Benchmark

4th grade block 8:15-9:00

Buckels out all day

Talley out pm

Yesenia has her baby!

Chelsea Krakowiak's baby shower 3:30 p.m. in library

Painting with the Patriots

Day 4

*Jennifer Serrano on campus

Feb. 28

Go Texan Day

Holly Hughes visits in afternoon

Computer labs closed 8:30-11:30


Day 5

Watch DOG-Eric Vallon-Krakowiak-PE

John Cassidy Scott/Nguyen.-PE/Music

12 Week Student Challenge-Week 8

Encourage THAT CHILD– Establish some type of an incentive plan for your child. You should know what they like and what they will work for by now! Give them daily incentives so they feel accomplished…might need to make it a morning and afternoon opportunity….they need to feel successful
Big picture
Shout out to...

Robin Gonzales- Consistently updating Parr Assessment See Saw for supports students are using in class and will need for STAAR-Christina Talley

Elizabeth Bartley-she works hard to gather or create resources to enhance the curriculum-Stephanie Hirsch

Yesenia Ragghianti-She is always so willing to help. Despite the hard conversations and often negative circumstances she has to deal with, she is always smiling and optimistic.-Samantha Morris

Megan Rogers-She is the best partner to be on this coaching journey with and she is always willing to put her math hat back on to help me think through things. Thank you for always sharing your math resources and ideas with me! You are the!-Christin Anderson

Samantha Morris and April Guseman-They stayed late for bus duty on Friday after dismissal. It was a day 0 so no one was assigned but they volunteered to anyway!-Jessica Stevens

Jennifer Salazar-She took the time to discuss grade level needs for our PTA wishlist and ordered science materials for our chick unit-Stephanie Hirsch

Allison Nguyen-Stephanie Hirsch, Jennifer Salazar, Jamie Tyrell, Elizabeth Bartley-they are always looking for the positive in every situation. Thank you all for going above and beyond to welcome me and help me learn the ropes. You are all amazing and I adore you!!-Jessica Stevens

Tracy Roman-She is an amazing partner. She is always there to listen and offer helpful advice. It's comforting knowing someone always has your back-Samantha Morris

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Caring

Purposefull People words-Empathy