Emily's amazing science 6 smore

Introducing to science 6

About me

My name is Emily McMasters. At home I have an older sister, Molly McMasters who is in the eighth grade, I have my mom and my dad, Jenny and Paul McMasters. I also have two dogs Sandy and Daphne. After school I enjoy playing soccer and hanging with friends and family.

Introduction to science 6

This unit I learned how to use many new science tools. I learned about the triple beam balance, the metric ruler, microscope and longitude and latitude lines and how to read a map.
One science tool I learned about was the triple beam balance. I learned how to weight objects in a different way. It has a metal plate were you place the object on. Then you move the 100 gram notch to the right, if the line falls it is to heavy. You keep repeating this proses until the two lines match.
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One other tool I learned was the metric ruler. I learned how to measure object with centimeters and inches.
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Another tool I learned about was the microscope. I learned how to use the microscope and how to test samples. To focus the microscope you need to just the fine adjustment knob and the coarse adjustment knob.
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Lastly we learned about longitude and latidude lines. We also learned how to read a map. We learned that longitude lines are long and latitude lines are flat.
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My favorite

My favorite lab was the microscope lab. It was my favorite because we got to experiment with different samples and determine what the were. I have a few pictures of what the samples looked like.