North American Colonies

By Raul Vazquez, Princess Francisco, Adam L, and Shareliz F

Treatment of Natives and Slaves

We used aggressive military action and used our diseases to remove the natives from the area. We don't have many slaves because they're not very necessary in our community but a few residents do own household slaves. This means that our society is one of the purest you'll find with very few slaves in the area.


Small scale farmers produce their own food and sell what is left after their family is fed which results in a mostly self-sufficient society.

Social Structure and Social Mobility

Our society relies on wealthy individuals and joint stock companies so those wealthy individuals and those of the stock companies are at the top of the social hierarchy. It is very simple to become more popular in our society just get more money.

Culture and Cultural Adaptation

We brought some English culture with us but not much since we came here to escape from English control.


We later became part of the United States which had a more stable economy.