We Are... Wildcats!


Good Evening Wildcat Families,

As I reflect on our school year up to this point, I am so proud to see how far we have all come. Throughout these past ten weeks, I have seen so much growth, flexibility, resilience, and positivity among all of our stakeholders. We have all had to learn what it looks like to be successful in this new style of school especially during Remote Wednesdays. However, time and time again our Wildcat community has risen to the challenge and excelled! Our whole Wildcat staff will truly miss not seeing our students in-person throughout the next three weeks but we know they are fully prepared to take on full remote learning during this pause in face-to-face.

As an extra reminder- there will be NO in-person school from November 17th through December 4th. We plan to return to in-person school on December 7th.

When it comes to our fully remote schedule, there will be a slow transition these next 4 days to ensure everyone is confident when we make the full switch. Your child's specific schedule will be emailed to you by their classroom teacher but here is a gist of how it will look:

Tuesday, November 17th-Asynchronous Activities-Your child's teacher will be assigning independent activities for your child to complete online. The classroom teacher will also be checking in once throughout the day to clarify the directions for the tasks assigned and take attendance.

Wednesday, November 18th-Remote Learning Schedule-We will follow the same weekly Wednesday schedule that we have been following this school year.

Thursday, November 19th-The classroom schedule will include two live zoom sessions.

Friday, November 20th-The classroom schedule will include two live zoom sessions.

Monday, November 23rd- Full Remote Schedule Begins.

We know that this is not the scenario we all wanted, but we can get through it! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help over the next few weeks. We got this!


Mr. Bezeau

Close Contact and Positive COVID Cases

Please continue to update us if your child is a close contact to a positive COVID case or if your child tests positive for COVID. We will continue to monitor our numbers over the next 3 weeks as we plan out return to in-person learning.

Please click below to see Superintendent Conway's Letter that was sent on 11/15/2020-Transition to Remote Learning