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Find images on-line and cite them ethically using Easy Bib

Finding and using images properly in presentations and papers

When we research a topic, we often try to find digital images of an event, person, or place. We use images such as photographs, cartoons, diagrams, and infographs as sources of information. We also use them as visual aids to help us tell a story to an audience. When researching a topic, researchers must be aware of how to properly attribute the images that they are using.

Using Google, iCLIPART for Schools, Wikimedia and databases to search for images.

When you use Google to search for your subject, you can select images. When you choose images, you can select the "gear" at the top of the Google page. Next select "advanced search." Users can then select "labeled for non-commercial reuse" or "labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification."

Wikimedia Commons also offers "a media file repository of freely accessible public domain and educational images, sound, and video." Wikimedia works on the same platform as Wikipedia. Users can also upload and share images

iCLIPART For Schools offers students and teachers over 7 million free images. They also offer videos, and animated files student projects.

Instructional Videos on Locating and Citing Digital Images

Finding Images in Google by Kate Lechtenberg
Google Images-find copyright-free images and cite by Kate Lechtenberg
Citing Images by Kate Lechtenberg
iCLIPART for Schools by Kate Lechtenberg

Learning Standards Addressed

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Creative Commons License and how it helps us share digital content.

Should I cite the image or provide attribution?

When to Cite

Any images you plan to use in a scholarly work (from print or web) should be cited according to required format style (APA, MLA, etc.)

When to provide Attribution

You may attribute an image/visual media source for presentations, papers, or other formats that do not require a specific publication style.

Creative Commons Attribution

Here are some links to learn more about Creative Commons license and how it works.

Image Citation (University of California at Irvine)

Best Practices for Attribution (Creative Commons Wiki)