are NOT good for you

why drugs are bad for you

Six top reason drugs are bad for you

1. Accidental Injury...
You lose your sense of good judgement, and are more likely to do things to hurt yourself because you aren't thinking straight (walking into the street without looking, leaving the stove on and burning yourself...)

2. Bad Crowd...
You begin to hang with other people who use drugs and sell drugs, in order to more easily get your drug and to be around people who enable your drug use.
This causes you to become involved with a very bad crowd, often with people who steal your belongings from you and abuse you. These people usually get arrested all the time for various offenses and if you aren't careful you get arrested with them for being with them when they commit their crimes. By being around these people you can become exposed to more crime, violence, and trouble.I would say this is one of the most significant aspects of using drugs that I can't emphasize enough. You get involved with a bad crowd and then get in trouble with them or hurt by them. Drug users don't usually continue to hang out with non drug users that go to bed at night so they can attend their jobs the next day, and all that. THey hang out with other people who will facilitate their drug use and enable them. So certain groups end up hanging together and it is within that group you inherit all their collective troubles.

3. Poverty...
You eventually become so addicted you have trouble supporting yourself, and so you become very poor. Not many seriously bad addicts keep their money for long. Often they lose their jobs and become homeless after selling and losing everything. It's hard to get up every morning and keep a job or regular schedule if you are a very heavy drug user. Also you end up paying money for all the legal fines, court offenses you rack up because of number four...

4. Repeated legal troubles
People who use drugs get arrested more often. You get in trouble for having illegal drugs on you or in your car, you get in trouble for being around other people committing crimes and mistaken to be a part of it,. and you get in trouble when later on you flunk your drug screens while on probation. Every time you get in trouble, you pay fines and court fees, and the criminal record you accumulate makes it hard to get a job and sometimes makes it hard to find a place to live (my own landlord does background checks and so do many others). Once you have a criminal record it just makes life harder.

5. Health reasons:
You could do some research on this. Drugs aren't good for your health, and end up damaging your body. Some brain damage can be permanent. Some people overdose and actually kill themselves.

6. Mental:
Often people become more paranoid, more delusional, and have trouble keeping their priorities straight. Their thinking becomes clouded and they really don't immediately see and understand the cause/effect or predict the consequences coming from their actions. Think of all the people attending mental health clinics trying to achieve a better mental state. Well these people are taking drugs that actually induce a mental state so negative it almost mimics serious mental illness. THat doesn't make any sense at all because once you loose your faculties, you have trouble steering and guidining your life in a positive direction.

why drugs are illegal

Yes I understand your point, People abuse drugs and that causes problems in society like a massive increase in murders, rapes, accidents, overdoses over whelming the hospitals. Take coke for example, it started as a soft drink used to heal and for pain, the soft drink is coke cola, people became addicted to it and crime over whelmed entire community's so it was banned/outlawed,so coke cola removed the cocaine from there product. It always starts with someone screwing up. Dui's ring a bell?