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Mastering the Basics: Coding 4-5

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Draws to a Close

Let's Return to Tynker to Master the Basics

The Hour of Code Week

What an amazing week! The activities available during the Hour of Code Week were fun and challenging! I'm thrilled that palcs, especially YOU and your fellow computer programmers, experienced and enjoyed so many of the amazing activities! Based on the feedback I've been receiving, many of you coded for more than just an hour and completed more than one activity! Why? Not because you had to! But because you wanted to! To be creative and persistent are the qualities of a computer programmer. You proved this week that you have what it takes to be just that! Technologies will change, but the ability to adapt and take on new challenges, like you did this past week, will keep you on the cutting edge of all things possible!

It's Not Over! Please Save your Projects!

The Hour of Code Week activities remain open until 12/14! Experience as many activities as you can! Please save your projects! I'm putting together a portfolio for palcs and code.org to showcase your projects! Most sites should have the option to "Print", "Save to gallery" or "Share your story" after clicking the "Finish" button. Or bookmark the URL so you can save/email/share, which I highly recommend you save if you want to be able to go back to your project later! The "Gallery" option on some sites is also good, but students can only see the last 5 pieces in the gallery, and thus things fall off.

Making Sure We've Mastered the Basics

This Week's Assignment: Return to Tynker

The activities presented this past week taught many valuable computer programming skills. To be sure we've mastered the basics, I have opened another lesson in Tynker for you to complete! Please be sure to save this lesson as "completed" on your dashboard! That way I know we are ready to move forward as a class!


  • The sequencing skills in Tynker will help you think like a programmer.
  • Learning these skills visually will make it easier for you to "write" in coding languages such as Javascript and Python later.

To Access Tynker: Usernames & Passwords

  • Click on the link below to get your username and password for Tynker!
  • Write your username and password in your Computer Programming Notebook!
  • Usernames & Passwords are also located on your course moodle page!

To Access Tynker: The Site

  • Click on the link below to access the Tynker Website (I would bookmark this site!)
  • Login in using your username and password!
  • You'll be taken to our CODE 4-5 class, Click on it and follow Codey's directions!

Don't Forget to Type Your Name in the Online Text Box Once You Completed the Lesson!

Don't Forget to Save Your Completed Tynker Lesson on Your Dashboard! I will be Checking!

Remember: Program or Be Programmed!