By: Arhan Ghosh


What I like about this career:

I like this career because I get to save lives and get to use the latest technology. Even though you have to save lives, you get to work with other people and when you get to work with other people you get to learn by other people’s experiences and not feel lonely.

Brief description:

Usually surgeons are busy with surgeries, but they also diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Surgeons operate on patients that have physical disabilities, such as broken bones, diseases like cancer and deformities.

What education is needed?

Well, to be a surgeon you need to go to medical school, where you will be taught how to operate on a person.

What college?

I would like to go to Harvard University Medical School for my education and also to get my masters degree. I want to go to this school because it is ranked number one in medical research.


Since surgeons are well paid because of what they do, saving lives their starting salary is 219,770 dollars and depending on what type of surgeon it could grow more from there.

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Name: Arhan Ghosh

Address: 2742 Broadway Drive

City : Trophy Club

State : Texas

Zip Code: 76262

Telephone : 248-854-1491

Career: Surgeon

Abilities and Talents:

  • Good at math
  • Good with technology
  • Good at reading
  • Play basketball
  • Organized

Achievements and Awards:

  • 4 A honor rolls for 4th grade
  • 1 Leadership award for 4th grade
  • 3 Perfect Attendence awards for 4th grade
  • 1 Participation award for football

Work Experience:

  • Organized class library a few times
  • Help people organize things
  • Have looked after my sister before


Grade: 4th grade

Name of School: Beck Elementary

References (list two people who will say good things about you):

  • Mrs. Christie Montgomery (Teacher)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Spicer (Karate Teacher)