Reducing Landfill Waste

Group 2

Big picture

| The Issue |

We're doing landfills because people are putting plastic in their trashcan and not recycling and the plastic can blow out of the landfill and get in the rivers and lakes and harm fish and other animals. Event though the trash is in the landfills, it is bad for the soil, ground water, people's health, and wildlife near it.

Interview Quotes:

Rochonda: ”reduce trash”

Ryan: ”Thinks it could work if put in action”

Matt: ”Running out of space”

Jodi,Rachle,Judi:” replace item”

Dylan:” Think worthy interview”

Harrison:” compost will be good for everybody”

Andrea:” pollution smells bad”

Michele: “Big trash”

| Take Action |

Our action for this issue is we are going to make different types of bins. For example, old electronic bins, recycle bins, trash bins, and compost bins. The recycling bin will go to the recycling place and the electronic bin will go to the place where they will recycle them and the trash bin will go to the landfill, and the compost bin will go to the worms. Having these bins will allow things to be more sorted and there will be less trash. On a local level we should educate and inform one another about the issue and separate trash in the according bin. On a state level we can make a petition and see what different states laws have regarding the use and distribution of material. On the national level we should protest and make more petitions to create laws that require everybody to put trash in the correct pile it needs to go.

| What We Learned |

David: I learned that landfills fill up more quickly than you imagine. Landfills also stink from miles away.

Caeli: I learned that you can help people in need.

Tre: I’ve learned that being a advocate is to speak up for some thing you want. I also learned how landfills impact the Earth.

Elli: I learned how to be a good citizen and how to help my community.

Cambree: I learned what landfills are and how they are made. I also learned that it’s better working together!

Danielle: I learned a lot of things about Veterans, health, landfills, animal abuse and community issues and how to fix them and work together. We also learned a lot about landfills and took interviews from some Baylor students.

John: I learned how to advocate, how to do a proper interview, and about the three types of citizens.

| About Us |

We are group #2 and our community issue is Landfills, because some people in our group live by some of the landfills. The people in our group are Danielle, Cambree, Elli, Caeli, Aaron, David, John, Jon, and Tre. We are called the cheeseburgers. A fun fact about our group is that Tre is tall.We are rising 4th 5th and 6th graders

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